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Breaking Stan

Back at the embassy, Arkady hands the slip of paper with Amador's name on it to Nina and tells her to find out whether they have this FBI guy. Interesting. Meanwhile, he gets a call from an anonymous woman (Elizabeth), who simply confirms that she's speaking to him and then hangs up. So Chris was wrong. Arkady is alive. Back at the warehouse, Elizabeth relays this to Philip and also says that Grannie told her that the real target turned out to be this poor first-year Vladimir. Elizabeth and Philip wonder why Chris lied, at which point it becomes clear to us that no one bothered to connect the dots of Arkady having planned to go running with Vladimir in the park, even knowing that this FBI agent fingered Arkady as the real target. That is ... really dumb. So Philip and Elizabeth are like, "He must know something else!" Elizabeth pulls out her gun and declares her intention to get Chris to "talk" no matter what. Philip takes the gun and says he'll do it. It's his mess. He says he never wanted this to get this bad. He wouldn't let a dog suffer like this, much less a human. Elizabeth knows what he means and tells him that once he gets the intel they need, just give him the morphine and let him drift off. By the time Philip gets to Chris, however, that drifting-off process has already taken place. R.I.P. Agent Chris. You were a real creep.

That night, Stan is called in to the crime scene where he finds his partner dead in a parking lot. Special Agent John-Boy assures Stan that avenging Chris will now be their top priority. He says they probably don't have the time to exfiltrate Nina, but Stan is certain that Chris didn't give her up. John-Boy says there's no shame in it -- it's biology to talk when you're life is at risk. But Stan says he'd risk Nina's life and his own on his belief that Chris didn't talk.

Later, Stan gets fast-food and reminisces some more about Good Times With Chris. They talk about 'Nam, about seizing the day, about how Chris told him once that "Shame is worth than dying." This is, I guess, how Stan knows Chris wouldn't ever talk. Then they start talking about how pussy is a metaphor for freedom or something. I think an evening out with Stan Beeman and Chris Amador would be my actual worst nightmare.

Later, Stan returns to the safe house with leftover fast food for poor Vlad. After some more talk about soft mouths and duck hunting and threats upon soft-spoken threats. The good(ish)-cop routine works (plus, you know, all the waiting and being scared), because Vlad finally breaks down and admits he's KGB. Stan has no use for him anymore. Nothing will save Chris now. Of course, Stan isn't going to let that one go by unforgiven. So he crosses the room, past Vlad's chair, and then turns around and shoots him in the back of the head. Because in 2013 ... Stan Beeman ... is ... Breaking Bad.

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