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Breaking Stan

Warehouse. Chris wakes up and is lucid. He asks Philip for water, and Philip obliges. Chris isn't thrashing around or trying to escape or anything. He's gray as hell and feels cold, so he may well be too weak and blood-deprived to try anything at all. Philip kindly obliges him with a blanket as well, but he's after information, and his face goes stone-cold when he demands to know the target of the assassination. Chris says he doesn't know, but Philip doesn't believe him. This is basically the one instance where someone professing ignorance about a plot is lying, so good for Philip for being right. But trying to get a man who knows he's dying to give up his friends on his death bed is not the easiest task, so good luck.

Special Agent John-Boy has gathered his team of FBI rogues together with some select CIA pals at a nearby park to run through the retaliation plan. And Stan has decided to join them! Look who got radicalized. Miss Kendall from the CIA runs through the steps: Arkady will be leaving for his daily run in just an hour. They're going to intercept him, using a system of signals to tell each other when (and if) to grab him. Agent John-Boy makes it crystal clear that the decision to grab Arkady will be cleared by either John-Boy or Kendall. Agent John-Boy then speaks to Stan privately, telling him he's glad he's onboard. He says they're still looking for Chris. Stan expresses his concern that if they kill Arkady, the KGB will kill Chris. John-Boy thinks a more proximate concern is that if Chris is being questioned, he knows the identity of Nina as the FBI's mole. If he talks, she's dead.

Warehouse. Elizabeth, having just arrived on the Last Train to Clarksville, updates her husband on family life; i.e. their daughter hates her with a pure fury. Meanwhile, he tells Elizabeth that Chris has kept mum. She's worried that his people will be looking for him -- they need to get their information and get rid of him NOW. She decides it's her turn to start asking the questions. That sounds promising!

At the Soviet embassy, one of Arkady's underlings comes into his office, all decked out in running gear. Unfortunately, Arkady is not. He raises a bandaged hand and explains that he burned it while handling a microwaved potato. Burned it so bad that doctors are considering a skin graft, apparently. That ... seems really bad. Not just "sit at my desk and look annoyed that I can't go running" bad.

Back at the warehouse, Elizabeth is trying the sweet-faced approach to getting Chris to talk. And you really know he must be a horndog because he hits on Elizabeth while she's wearing this ridiculous getup. At first, it seems like when he says he remembers her, he's talking about Stan's party. But no, it's just a line, as he spins a tale of them meeting at a bar and screwing their brains out. Elizabeth smiles at this, indulging him. But when he tells her that he honestly has no idea about any hit, she says they both know he's lying. Chris gets harder, then, pledging that while they may torture and kill him, he'll never talk, and his country is going to kick her Motherland's "marbled ass." That actually sounds like a compliment, as far as asses go.

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