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Breaking Stan

After the break, while Philip holds a vigil for Agent Chris, Elizabeth returns home with preparations for home-made Chinese food. Paige sasses her, rolling her eyes at this brand new Mom, who divorces Dad and makes Chinese food for the first time ever. She says she's not interested in her mom starting her life over again. Elizabeth, admirably not giving in to the emotional manipulation, says, "So that's what you don't want. What do you want?" Paige just wants things to be the way they were. This thaws Elizabeth some. She knows things are hard now, but it's for the best. Paige: "For who?" Sorry, I should probably be more sympathetic to Paige, but I'm still mad at her for that dumbass hitchhiker episode. Anyway, the phone rings, and it turns out to be Henry's teacher at school. Cut to Elizabeth gingerly approaching her son upstairs. He's playing with a Rubix cube (PERIOD DETAIL) and looking glum. She tells him that his teacher just called and asks if he wants to tell her something. He won't even look at her, much less talk to her. She speaks softly to him, telling him about her own parents and how horrified she'd have been if they even approached separation. But these are different times. She takes his hands and asks about his Social Studies project. He tries to claim that he did it, but when she asks to see it, it turns out to be just one sentence on the subject of The Revolutionary War: "America Won." Points for accuracy?

Stan meets with Nina in his car, rather than in their love nest, so you know he means business. She moves in to kiss him, but he is NOT having it. She thinks it's strange but still plows ahead with business. She tells Stan that the KGB wants to know how the Americans are planning to retaliate against the Soviets for the apartment bombing. Stan still stonewalls and finally asks her, "Who put the finger on Amador?" Man, if only Agent Chris were here to turn that question into disgusting sexual innuendo. She doesn't even know who he's talking about. He grabs her arm and demands she tell him, but obviously she doesn't know. I guess this moment should neither be surprising nor especially repulsive, considering the line of worth they're both in, but I have never not being completely grossed out by a Noah Emmerich character's behavior, so I kind of think Stan should be nut-punched repeatedly for assaulting Nina like this. He orders her to find out who took Chris and where he is and to do it now. She's too frightened of him to even make a smart comment. She just exits the car, leaving Stan to feel conflicted.

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