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Breaking Stan

At the FBI, one of Stan's fellow agents asks him where Chris is, and Stan says he doesn't know. He was supposed to meet him an hour ago, and he never showed, which isn't like him. Stan starts to get concerned and calls Chris's house. He just gets the machine ("If I'm not here, I'm out having a ball..."). Well, now he's even more concerned.

Back at the warehouse, Philip Clark and Hey Hey It's The Monkees are trying to deal with Chris's knife wound. Philip yanks the knife out and he starts bleeding pretty badly. Chris starts screaming and crying at this, and the Jenningses have to lift him up and wrap a bandage around him, which probably does not help matters. Elizabeth is very kind, speaking softly to Chris about how the hard part is over. Which must be very confusing for Chris as to why 1970s Jon Voight is being s nice to him.

Elsewhere, Stan gets Chris's landlord to let him into Chris's apartment, but he's obviously nowhere to be found. Contrary to what you might expect, there are no manacles on the walls, nor shag carpeting, nor lotions or oils on any of the end tables. He checks the answering machine, but there are only messages from various D.C.-area single ladies, plus the message he left earlier. Nothing incriminating. Outside, he sees Chris's car (Philip drove it back) and looks incredibly suspicious.

Back at the office, Martha eavesdrops from her desk as Stan makes his case to Special Agent John-Boy that he thinks something bad has happened to Chris. For one thing, his car doesn't have any fingerprints on it, making it incredibly unlikely that Chris wiped his own prints off his car. Agent John-Boy says they don't know that the KGB has him. Stan says he does. John-Boy says he has every available agent out looking for him, but let's not jump to conclusions. He still thinks there's a decent chance that Chris was just out whoring around.

Warehouse. Groovy Elizabeth has to leave and pick up the kids (yeah, don't let THAT fall by the wayside again). Philip is going to stay behind and tend to the patient. Their long-term plans seem to be a bit murky. Wait for him to give them the intel about the assassination and then ... ?

FBI. Stan sits at his desk and reminisces about his good buddy Chris. This would have been a conversation not long after they first met, when they were still getting to know each other. Chris is typically braggy -- typical for these last few episodes, at least -- telling Stan, "My work is my life, and my life is my art." He stresses that he has no family, no hobbies, no distractions, "...except for pussy." Oh, right! Chris likes pussy! I'd nearly forgotten. What a hilarious direction they've taken with this character, taking an open (if vague) character and making him nothing but a poon hound. Stan just kind of laughs at him, indulges this kind of talk, and flatters him by calling him "el lobo." Yes, Chris is a lone wolf. A lone wolf on a pussy hunt. He's the grossest.

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