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Breaking Stan

Outside, Philip hustles to his car (still in Clark drag, of course) so he can sound the alarm about the assassination plot, but just as he's getting in his car, he's accosted by Agent Chris, who flashes a badge at him. It's not clear whether Chris actually suspects him of anything or if he's just trying to hassle the boyfriend of the girl at the office he wants but can't have. That ambiguity is good for the show, if not for Agent Chris's likeability. Clark starts out being conciliatory, calling Chris "my friend," but Chris makes it explicit that he's not his friend. At which point, Philip really has places to be, so he's like, "Yep. Caught me. Martha and I have been banging each other into ecstatic oblivion for ten hours." His words. "Banging Each Other Into Ecstatic Oblivion: The Clark and Martha Story." Anyway, Chris is feeling really high on his own power and tells Clark he's taking him in for questioning. That's reeeeally not going to do, if only on the level that at some point, Clark's obvious disguise will reveal itself to be just that. So, backup against the wall, what can Philip do but karate-kick Chris in the chest? Winded, Chris pulls his gun out, but Philip kicks it away, and the two men brawl. Then Chris produces his switchblade because hey, who doesn't need to carry a switchblade around the mean hallways of Arlington? He lunges at Philip with it, but Philip, in case you'd forgotten, is pretty great at the hand-to-hand stuff, and he directs Chris's knife right into his own gut. So how Philip's stabbed a federal agent, which presents a whole new set of problems. So he stuffs Chris in the trunk of his car and moves on to Phase Holy Crap of today's agenda.

After the break, we see that Philip has set Chris up in comfortable but Spartan conditions at a local abandoned basement of some sort. He's still dressed as Clark, of course, and after a full day in that wig, it's got to be itchy as hell, don't you think? Elizabeth joins him as backup and ... you guys. I can't. I CANNOT with Elizabeth's disguise for this one. Every previous disguise that I've mocked this season is officially off the hook because right now, Elizabeth Jennings has showed up in a Peter Tork wig and giant round glasses. She looks like Mr. Burns disguised as Wavy Gravy. She immediately recognizes Chris, and Philip's like, "Yeah, from Stan's party." So they know they're in deep shit. He admits this may well be a total cock-up, a "jealous suitor" situation that blew up way past the point of no return. But the more important thing is what Philip learned from Martha about the potential assassination plot. Elizabeth immediately decides that they need Chris to tell them what he knows about it. She brought morphine (my kinda gal) and they begin to strategize how they can keep Chris -- who's looking mighty ashen at the moment -- alive long enough to tell them what he knows. He's still got the knife sticking out of his gut, which is not a great sign, and he's shivering, which: ditto.

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