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Breaking Stan
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Previously: Philip had sex with his childhood sweetheart and lied about it and Elizabeth found out and they broached the very 1980s subject of divorce. Martha helped "Clark" get info on American scientists, and Agent Chris saw Martha rummaging through files and got suspicious. One scientist and three FBI agents were killed in a bombing that Philip and Elizabeth were unable to stop and Special Agent John-Boy pledged vengeance.

Currently: the Jenningses are having family dinner, and Paige is acting unusually pleasant and everybody is raving about Elizabeth's fried chicken, so obviously someone's about to say something terrible. Of course, Elizabeth clears her throat and begins to make the "Daddy and I are separating" speech. Which is traumatic enough for children when they know Mom and Dad have been fighting, but Philip and Elizabeth are so good at hiding themselves that these two kids haven't the first inkling that they should've expected this. Paige even first guesses that Elizabeth is going to say she's pregnant. ...Okay, actually, Paige tells Elizabeth "you're too old" to be pregnant, and I'm going to have to STOP THE UNIVERSE for a second because Felicity was in college the same four years that I was in college, so Keri Russell cannot be too old to have children because if that is true then I SERIOUSLY DO NOT KNOW WHAT. Anyway, Elizabeth says that Philip will be living somewhere else for a while, and Philip decides to use the euphemism "hitting the pause button," which I can't imagine is very useful at all. Paige and Henry are devastated and react in the ways you'd expect. Paige gets snitty and curses and storms off, while Henry gets sad and introspective and wonders if they'll ever stop loving him and Paige.

Later, Henry has locked himself in his room, and Philip is barely not crying as he sits out in the hall and begs his son to open up. Poor Henry. Even his Runaways-style shag haircut is sad. "I love you so much," Philip says from outside the door. This is pretty heartbreaking.

Cut to still later, when Philip and his packed bags are leaving for the night. He says he'll see her tomorrow at the Beemans' party, to which Elizabeth expresses some uneasiness that they attend a party together. But Philip says Stan's work buddies will be there, so they should. See, as I said last week, this is why divorce/separation is a dumb idea unless they're ALSO going to stop working missions as a team. Now every time they work together, it's going to look double strange to outside observers. Where's Margo Martindale to whap them upside the head with her copy of Pravda? Anyway, Philip sad-walks out into the night.

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