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Anywhere But Moscow
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Previously: Philip/Elizabeth/Gregory was a whole thing, and Agent Chris Amador took a trip to that skeezy singles bar in the sky as a result of an ill-fated knife-fight with Clark the Love Stud.

After their terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day, Elizabeth drops Philip off at his terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad motel. She tells him not to replay the day in his head too much, wondering what he could've done differently. Instead, he decides to complain about his shithole new digs. Sorry, Phil -- that sad-sack routine isn't going to work so long as we all remember that you were the one who brought up separation as a viable option.

At the FBI, Special Agent John-Boy is addressing his troops, delivering information about funeral arrangements and such for Agent Chris. Stan is standing front and center, in casual clothes because he no longer needs proper work attire to look ruthless and angry. Agent John-Boy promises to use all the department's resources to make Amador's killers pay, yada yada. Afterwards, Martha approaches Stan to commiserate on their loss. She's kind of awful, so she ends up making this whole thing largely about her and how Chris was just the other night asking her out again, to no avail. Stan tells her that Chris liked her very much, and she's like, "...same" and then snuffles away, though not before telling Stan that Agent John-Boy wants to see him in the Vault. Inside, among some of the finest conference-room chairs I have ever seen, Stan asks about Chris's ring, which was found neither on his body nor in his apartment. It's their first lead, and I guess it justifies all that weird focus on Chris's pinky ring all season. Agent John-Boy just wants Stan to calm down, even when Stan gets pre-emptively defensive about the whole "kidnapping and then killing some low-level Soviet flunky instead of the Rezident" thing. But Agent John-Boy isn't going to yell at him about that. He figured they're in a war now, albeit a secret one, and in a war, blood gets spilled. He does want Stan to go home and get some sleep, so he can be at his best tomorrow.

Stan, of course, doesn't want to go home to his family, now or ever. So he ends up interrupting a towel-clad Philip at his dumpy motel room with a six of beer. Philip offers to go put on some sweats while the rest of us read way too much into where Stan's eyes are directed as Philip walks past him. Stan, who is maybe already a little bit drunk, mentions how the motel room is kinda super depressing and then gets really morose about things. Philip is on guard against... something. He's not sure why Stan is here, so he's definitely not getting comfortable. But Stan just seems drunk and rambly and willing to talk about how many cheap motels he stayed in when he was undercover with the white supremacists. Stan brings up his time with the white supremacists the way some people bring up their college trips to Amsterdam: can't seem to stop mentioning it, but never willing to go into details. He finally mentions that his partner was killed tonight, and Philip shows a pretty good poker face as he expresses his condolences. Then Stan decides that the most important thing to talk about re: Chris was that he had no secrets. Which, total coincidence, is an ironic counterpoint to Philip and his whole life! Amazing how that just happens naturally as conversation unfolds. I love it when people speak in thematically appropriate non sequiturs. Anyway, so Philip offers him a place to crash for the night and Stan's like, "In your bed? Nah," and besides, he's not in the mood for sleeping at the moment. Actually, the way he says it is, "I don't see a lot of future in my sleep tonight," which: druuuunk. And then he turns down Philip's offer of a ride home and insists he'll drive himself, because cops are the worst. He does manage to sincerely thank Philip for lending an ear tonight. Guess he really needed a friend. And that he genuinely does not suspect Philip at all.

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