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Previously: Philip and Elizabeth got their feelings hurt, first by their Soviet comrades who suspected them of disloyalty, and then by each other. Rezident Vasili got snookered by Agent Stan into taking the fall, saving Nina from suspicion.

Currently: Elizabeth is in a cowl-necked sweater, telling Paige that she already owns sixteen pairs of leg-warmers and thus cannot have anymore. At any moment, Cyndi Lauper and Captain Lou Albano are going to come bursting through that door, making this officially the Most '80s Moment. Meanwhile, Henry is digging around for the remote (Elizabeth hid it -- although who had remote controls in 1981?), complaining that the TV news is boring. Said news is reporting on Polish statesman, Andrej Bielawski, an outspoken critic of the Soviet regime who's in New York City this week to address the United Nations. Elizabeth is obviously watching closely while pretending not to watch closely, but it'd be impossible for anyone to notice, because Paige is calling her mom "incorrigible" and saying things to Henry like "silence, slave" and generally being the total worst.

Later, Elizabeth drops Philip off at the train station, and are they ever snippy to one another. In a bit of a reverse from the end of last week, Philip is the one offering a smidge of concession, but Elizabeth is the intractable one. He finally sighs and says he'll be staying at the Carnegie Hotel, causing Elizabeth to snort that she hopes he has a good time. He stresses that it's a mission, not a getaway, then says, "I haven't seen her in 20 years." Intriguingly cryptic! It looks for half a second that Elizabeth is softening, as she asks him if he has everything he needs. This time, Philip's the one who's short, snapping off a "No" and then a quick slam of the door. It's not Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, but things aren't great.

Inside the station, Philip grumpily picks up his ticket and, while a group of soldiers chatter in the background, just being a symbol of everything Philip is working to take down, his mind travels back to Mother Russia. Picture it: Vladivostok, 1958. (Actually, I don't know when and where this flashback takes place, but just try keeping me away from a Sophia Petrillo joke.) A twentysomething Philip is on a train platform when he meets cute with a pretty brunette girl. Seems a safe assumption that this is the "not in 20 years" woman he was referencing before.

The Amtrak takes Philip to New York City (obligatory digital WTC sighting: achieved), where he checks in under his own name, which is interesting. No wigs. No glasses. He's so exposed! In the lobby, he crosses paths with Andrej Bielawski and his entourage, and he eyes him warily as he steps outside to field questions like, "Is this the beginning of the end of Communism in the Eastern Bloc?" Not if Phil Jennings has anything to say about it!

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