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Previously: Chris Amador was killed, which was apparently the most significant event in the entire Cold War. We saw the last of Gregory; Nina saw the last of poor, sweet doctor-wannabe Vlad; and Elizabeth was constantly asking about her good friend and mentor, General Zhukov, back in Russia.

At the FBI, Special Agent John-Boy is briefing his people about the latest covert retaliation for Agent Chris's stabby demise. In very haughty and flowery terms (including a "there's nothing Cold about this War" cliché), Agent John-Boy walks his team through the as-we-speak assassinations of three incredibly high-level Soviet officials, including one General Viktor Zhukov, head of Directorate S. While John-Boy monologues, we see kindly old General Zhukov at home, reading a book in his grandma-ishly upholstered wingback chair. When the assassin comes a-calling, Zhukov gets the jump on him, but he's a pretty old man and he's soon overpowered. Two silenced gunshots later and it's all over. R.I.P. Grandpa KGB.

After the credits/commercials, Elizabeth shows up to Sandra's house to take her out for drinks on the town. Sandra is clearly not entirely comfortable with these kinds of Banger Sisters antics, but she's allowing Elizabeth to drag her along. Cut to the nightclub, where it seems all of Elizabeth's honeypot missions for the KGB have got her quite studied in the art of partying down. Both women are getting sloppy on Harvey Wallbangers, and, as is this show's custom, Sandra constantly stumbles upon odd discussion topics that are, like, SUPER ironic if you know that Elizabeth is a spy. "Have you ever dated a foreign guy?" "I wonder what I would look like in a wig..." "Do you ever feel not-so-loyal to our home and native land?" Sheesh, Sandra, with all the questions! She then starts idly wondering about the first guy she ever slept with (a Finnish professor) and whether he's a happier guy than Stan is. And THEN she asks Elizabeth if she's ever thought of cheating. At which point, Elizabeth is like, "Even I'm not drunk enough to take that question in stride." They decide that thinking about it is one thing, but doing it another and when Elizabeth asks if anything specifically is wrong, Sandra deflects and Elizabeth is like, "Cool -- let's DANCE!"

While Elizabeth is dancing it up with the skeeves of greater Washington D.C., Philip is at "home" (his shitbag motel), watching Wild Kingdom with his kids and answering inane questions about the nature of Mutual of Omaha's sponsorship of said program. He then offers his boring-ass children a snack, but all he has is peanut butter and (warm) orange juice. The saving grace of this scene is that Matthew Rhys gets to break out his native Welsh accent when goofing on the TV show's narrator for the kids.

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