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The Spy Who Loved Me

Staking out the meet, Chris attempts to find out why Stan has been so moody all day. Stan just snaps at him about how everything Chris doesn't know about marriage and family would fill a warehouse. Chris, rightly, is like, "See what I mean?" They spot Vasili walking, and I can't make out what Stan says on the radio, but it sounds like he refers to Vasili as "Grey Goose," and even if that's not true, I'm making it true.

Elsewhere, Udacha walks to meet Vasili, and he looks like he might actually fall into pieces right there. We cut back-and-forth, Vasili-and-Udacha, every once in a while Stan and Chris. Vasili ultimately settles at a railing, overlooking the water (the Potomac? You guys, I don't know). Stan and Chris debate whether or not the man is "gazing." He may well be. They don't know what he's doing, since it's 2 PM and no Udacha. We get a good hint when we next see Udacha. He turns and sees a familiar face. He starts to say, "Did my friend send you?" but he can't even get the sentence out before Elizabeth shoots him in the head. She is really not that happy about having to do it. Yeah, especially since that little idea she pitched where she would meet with Udacha and tide him over until Vasili could meet without danger looks PRETTY DAMN GOOD right about now. The flock of pigeons that flew off when Elizabeth fired are visible flying past Vasili, so this all happened in pretty close proximity. Which is also kind of dumb. If Vasili was leading the Feds on a wild goose chase, why not lead them far away from the MURDER? No wonder the USSR crumbled, man. Anyway, Vasili looks heartbroken, and Stan looks at him meaningfully, like he's drawing the same parallels between his and Nina's relationship and Vasili/Udacha's as the audience is supposed to.

That night, Philip meets with Claudia. She tells him that as soon as they got the encryption codes from him and Elizabeth, the Americans changed them. Which very strongly suggests that there's a mole at work. Which should end up being fun for Philip since there is no WAY he and Elizabeth don't end up as suspects of the witch hunt that's about to ensue.

Back at the Rezidentura, the certainty of this mole is causing even more strife. Apparently, Boris went over Vasili's head and cabled Moscow about it. Boris says it warranted breaking protocol, since it threatens their entire US operation. "The Centre demands we use all measures to catch them." Sounds like fun.

Back at home, Philip returns from the meeting but decides that the mole talk can wait until the morning. He kisses sweetly, and he cuddles up next to her. You guys, if Alias has taught me anything, it's that mole hunts end up in pain and hurt feelings.

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The Americans




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