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The Spy Who Loved Me

Stan's at home, trying to learn Russian FOR HIS NEW GIRLFRIEND. He's interrupted by his wife, which is pretty awk. She's all dressed for bed and tries to get his attention, the implication being pretty heavy that sex is imminent if he decides to say nyet to the studying for the night. But the problems in the Beeman marriage persist. She reminds him that they used to go line dancing and drink wine and have family time and he knew his son's best friends' names. "Life was pretty freaking great, remember?" And still -- STILL -- Stan will not be moved. You know this can wait. It's not even about Nina, I don't think. He just straight-up can't be close to his wife because of his weird KKK PTSD. ...Okay, it's at least a little bit about Nina, since when he goes back to studying, the phrase he's working on begins "You have a beautiful..."

At the Rezidentura, Vasili is staring at a beautiful painting, but before you get too cheerful about art and stuff, we soon spot Nina's legs sticking out from under the desk. So not only will Vasili accept a beej from a subordinate, but he'll do it while being creepily still and listening to classical music and staring at art. You're really not looking too good on this, Vasili. They're interrupted by the Directorate S guy, who doesn't see Nina under the desk. He says they have the encryption codes, and Vasili hurriedly tells him to schedule a meeting with Udacha, tomorrow at 14:00. Vasili breathes a sigh of relief. Thank God for Nina being steady under pressure, eh, comrade?

After the break, Nina wastes no time in relaying the information about the meet-up to Stan -- hey, the promise of getting the hell finished with this whole informant thing would be quite the motivation. Stan pushes the news to Special Agent John-Boy who is PSYCHED that they're gonna get their hands on this guy -- and his handler. He hollers out to Chris to put three teams of agents together. He's all, "Oh, have I waited for this day!" He tells another agent to get the word to Schultz to change the encryption codes, which, yes, would be important.

At the Soviet embassy, Vasilly and the Directorate S guy (should I just call him "Boris" and leave it at that?) are frantically talking about how they just lost the FBI signal. It's either a glitch or the Feds are on to them. Which means one of two things: either they abandon the meet and risk Udacha going off the deep end and possibly blowing them in, or else going through with the meet and risk leading the FBI right to Udacha. Vasili looks at Boris and says plainly: "We have no choice."

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The Americans




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