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The Spy Who Loved Me

Cut to a local garage, where the Fed's car is already up on the rack. HERE'S where Philip and his disguise-o-matic come into play. The look: big-frame glasses, dark blonde shaggy wig, blonde mustache. He looks like he just got dropped off by the plane in Argo. Elizabeth's in a more traditional cat-burglar garb. They put their plan into motion. Cut to Philip talking to the mechanic as his car is now on the rack next to the Fed's car. While Philip and the mechanics talk automotive garbage, Elizabeth is busy emerging from the trunk of their car, stealthily moving across to the Fed's car, and sneaking INTO his trunk. Unnoticed, of course. I'm pretty sure the mechanics are scamming Philip, too, so it's a whole circle of deception here. Philip coaxes one of the agents out to the sidewalk for a cigarette and some commiseration over price-gouging at these garages. Inside the trunk, Elizabeth quickly gets to the work of copying the encryption key from the device. Suddenly, the rack starts moving. Philip looks back from the sidewalk, unsure whether his wife got out or not. While the Feds get in their car and drive off, Philip hurriedly gets the mechanics to take his car down. Shitty drive shaft or no, he's getting the eff out of here.

So the FBI car with the KGB deep-cover agent in the trunk pulls into the guarded parking lot of FBI headquarters. The belly of the beast. Meanwhile, Philip pulls onto the nearest side-street so he can get out and check if his wife miraculously made it back to home base. She didn't. Philip's so stressed, he could start pulling his fake shaggy hair out. Back in the lot, Elizabeth somehow manages to sneak out of the trunk without anybody seeing her. She remembers to remove her "HEY, EVERYBODY, I'M BREAKING AND ENTERING" beanie and then plays it super casual as she just walks right past the gate. You could get on the FBI's case for not checking credentials on her way out of the lot, but I guess expecting security to plan for the contingency of a foreign agent sneaking into the parking lot only to sneak right back out again isn't realistic.

Cut to Elizabeth on her walk home, met halfway by Philip, who brought coffee and a donut. She tries to stay annoyed at him, but we all know the power of coffee and a donut. Elizabeth is as powerless as you or I would be. Inside the car, he apologizes for last night, and she reminds him that their job requires them "being a certain way." She tells him she wishes every night that she will wake up and not be worried. About EVERYTHING. "You can't live like that," he says. "Show me another way," she says. So they're bonding over the inhospitableness of a cruel world? It's a start.

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The Americans




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