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The Spy Who Loved Me

We don't see what Philip does after that, but considering how angry and pent-up he is the next morning, it doesn't look like he was able to vent much. Poor Henry has to take the brunt of his father's snappishness, for losing his thermos. Elizabeth smooths things over for Henry and glares at Philip.

Stan and Nina meet at the same park, and she tells him what she heard about Vasili planning to meet the jittery agent, though she doesn't know when or where. He expresses surprise that she's smoking, since he didn't know she did. "You don't know anything about me," she says, darkly. "How did you get him to talk?" he asks. "I sucked his cock," she says, "just like you told me to." He gets all "Whoa, whoa, whoa, I never said that," but if I'm Nina, I'm pointing to the transcripts where he was all "You're a beautiful, capable, beautiful woman." Another parallel, though, as Stan is getting all paternal on her now. "I wouldn't ..." he says, meekly, and Nina looks away. TOO MUCH FEELING IN THE PARK RIGHT NOW. After the silence, Stan starts talking to her about how this will all be behind her one day soon. She'll get to pick out a new name for herself, the name of "someone who sleeps soundly at night." Just not yet. There might as well be big flashy signs on the screen yelling "NINA'S GONNA DIE SOON!" He promises that exfiltration is coming. For now, they have to keep working. "We need to nail down when that meeting is happening," he says. "We?" she says. Damn right.

After the break, Elizabeth meets with Claudia while Claudia's out walking her dog. She updates her on the encryption devices in the trunks of FBI cars and how tricky it's going to be to get the codes right out from under their noses. Claudia says the Rezidentura keeps pretty close tabs on the cars that tail them, so she'll get them started on it. She also notes that Elizabeth seems troubled. Elizabeth tries to play it off, but Claudia's been around the block a few times. "I won't say this job is twice as hard for women," Claudia says, "but it's close to that." Elizabeth says she'll be all right, and Claudia says she knows she will. She then pivots into talking about the "sad progress" of the Equal Rights Amendment in the States. "These women need to learn what you and I have known forever: you can't just wait around for the law to give you your rights. You have to take them and claim them every second of every day of every year." Wise old Granny.

The next day (or however long it took the Rezidentura to get them the info and for them to set up the op), Philip and Elizabeth are in a borrowed car but wearing no disguises. (Damn, and I was hoping for a tiara/sombrero combination.) The FBI is two cars behind them. Philip and Elizabeth are still tense about the other night, and when Elizabeth is like, "At least I'm not tormenting little boys about thermoses," Philip slams on the breaks. All part of the plan, however! This causes the car behind them to break, which causes the Feds to crash into the back of this old lady's car. The Jenningses speed away as the Agent gets out to survey the damage.

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