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The Spy Who Loved Me

Back at the Soviet embassy, the Directorate S representative whose name I am still not sure we've ever gotten is meeting with Vasili about bringing Udacha in. It's basically the same information we got from Claudia and Elizabeth: Udacha is their only in to the ballistic missile shield program, and the way he's behaving right now, it doesn't look like he'll hold up under question if the Feds track those missing blueprints back to him. The Directorate S guy says his people are working on getting those surveillance codes.

That night, Philip gets ready for bed and bemoans his aching body, post-racquetball. Aching or no, that most '80s of recreational activities is doing a body GOOD, so keep it up. Rather than just appreciating the view, Elizabeth pokes at him about his new BFF Stan. Philip insists it's a strategic friendship, but Elizabeth is unconvinced that it's a good idea. Philip decides to combat this naysayer attitude with flirting, which is not the world's worst idea. He asks her about her plans to infiltrate this Kurt Schultz person. She plans to pretend to be a competitor looking for a job. Philip's kissy-flirty stuff eventually wears her down and they stop talking business.

Philip and Elizabeth's marital makeout then gives way to the smuttier scene of a be-wigged Elizabeth in the heat of passion with Schultz. Competitor looking for a job, indeed. He's quite aggressive with her, but it seems like he's a two-pump chump. Oh, if only. Now that he's done with intercourse, he's still gotta get off by spanking Elizabeth. The spanking gets less sexy and more straight-up abusive, until Schultz takes off his belt and starts using that. You can see on Elizabeth's face that she's making the mental calculations as to when (or if) she's going to have to break character and end this guy. It fucks up the mission, but a girl's gotta survive. Once she yells out "That hurt!" Schultz gets even more violent, and when she rolls off the bed to avoid further whippings, he switches to the buckle side. At this, Elizabeth shrieks out "PLEASE!" enough to alarm him that someone in the next room might hear. Miraculously (improbably?), he backs down and is like, "Okay, okay, shut up!" She cowers and cries and crawls towards her clothes. With her back to him, we can see this is as much an act from Elizabeth as anything. She managed to stay safe and keep the mission afloat, so a gold star for her today, I guess.

After the break, Nina visits Vasili in his office with a tray of tea made just to his specifications. She leaves it on his desk and then shuts the door ... with her still inside the room. By the time she starts untying the bow on her blouse, Vasili knows what's up. He just doesn't know why. "I think we're both a little lonely," she says. Which is certainly a more plausible explanation than "I could not resist your animal lure" or something, so points for strategy, Nina.

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The Americans




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