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The Spy Who Loved Me

They're interrupted by Martha, who tells John-Boy there's somebody from the DoJ on the phone. Chris takes the opportunity to compliment on Martha's new shoes. "They flatter your calves," he doofs. But of course because it's the '80s and Sexual Harassment Awareness Was a Thing, so Martha calls Chris on his "sexist comment" and Agent John-Boy is like "That's right, Chris, you should be ashamed of yourself," but as soon as Martha walks away, he rolls his eyes all, "Oy, women," because it's the '80s and Men Being Perfunctory But Not Understanding About Sexual Harassment in the Workplace was also a thing. Still, though, Chris must just HATE coming into work every day.

Stan meets with Nina at a park somewhere, and she confirms to him that there are rumors around the Rezidentura about a desperate asset, though she doesn't know anything for sure. She's being really short and annoyed with Stan today, and he's kind of taking it to heart. "I'm on your side," he stresses. "You need to think of me as a wall that's protecting you." He says on the other side of that wall are "freedom-loving" people whose freedom-lovingness makes them want to trample her in order to get at information that will advance the cause of freedom-loving. So she needs to find out what's going on. He tells her she's a "beautiful, intelligent, intuitive and ... beautiful" woman, and she'll "figure out a way" to find out all she can. He tries to say something in Russian to her, which actually causes her to smile. She corrects his pronunciation of "davertyes mnye," which means "trust me," but not exactly in the way he intends it. Saying it like that, she says, is saying it like you don't have a choice. She walks a bit, and then turns back for a longing glance between them. Huh. This angle on this subplot came about a bit suddenly. Speaking of which...

Philip's back in his doofy disguise as Clark the Internal-Affairs Guy (or whatever the hell his title is that makes Martha think it's okay to just spill everything to him). The way she's looking at him, it's obvious who the new shoes are for. They're both drinking wine and being really awkward around each other and finally he just kisses her, and by this point, I think the show has really sufficiently established the theme here. Clark backs away and is all, "We can't do this because of work!" He's really got her on a string at this point. He then pivots into talking about the Bureau's surveillance operations and how Special Agent John-Boy feels about the current state, and Martha says he's very happy with the new surveillance contractor. Philip plays the game where he pretends to need his sentences finished so that Martha eventually just gives him the name of this new contractor: Kurt Schultz. Martha, you are a ridiculous person.

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The Americans




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