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The Spy Who Loved Me

At the Rezidentura, our old bureaucrat pal Vasili is fielding a call from none other than Adam/Udacha, who's at a payphone. Looks like Vasili is his handler. He scolds Udacha that he's not to directly call him there. Udacha's in a bad way. He says he lost his wife and now he's all alone. It's kind of heartbreaking, I guess, where Udacha just needs a friend, but I also can't really see Vasili as the type you'd go to for comfort. Anyway, Vasili promises that they'll meet soon. Udacha just sadly hangs up the phone.

The next morning, Elizabeth's driving the kids in to work. On her way down their street, they pass Stan and Philip, returning home from their early-morning racquetball date. Elizabeth's like, "Hey, that took a while. We were supposed to drive in to work together." Could not hate this newfound neighborly closeness any more. Philip either doesn't notice how tight-jawed his wife is right now, or else he's doing a great job of ignoring it and playfully bickering with BFF Stan about whether the game-point was in or out. Stan offers to drive Philip in to work, which only makes Elizabeth more put out. I think the idea is that she's surface-mad (the parts that bubble up to the surface, at least) about the strategic dangers of getting too close to the Fed next door, but she's also maybe unconsciously becoming jealous of her husband's time.

At the Rezidentura, we see that Nina can't even make a pot of tea (from a very fancy-looking silver teapot, like, no wonder who was stealing shit to send home if the Soviets are gonna flaunt it like that) without hearing it from the comrade-splaining men she works with. This time, it's Vasili, who condescendingly chides her for using teabags instead of making "zavarka" tea the way they do back in Russia. He walks her through the process, and she's very good about not seeming annoyed by it. "Next time I hope you'll try it my way from the start," he says when finished. Poor Nina.

Back at the FBI, Agents Chris and Stan are looking across the room at Martha (Special Agent John-Boy's assistant and also the woman we saw Philip plumbing for information when he was disguised as counterintelligence security in the premiere). She's showing off her new high-heel shoes to a co-worker, while Chris whines that he dated her for two months and all she wore were nurses' shoes. Martha is like the answer to the trivia question, "What would happen if Beth Grant had ever looked young?" Stan suggests asking nice for another shot. Chris says he's already asked twice. This thrillingly retrograde conversation is interrupted by Special Agent John-Boy, whose knickers are like PERMANENTLY in a twist. He tells Stan and Chris about an intercepted conversation from a pay phone to the Rezidentura where the unknown communicant said, "I feel like I'm standing at the edge of a diving board and there's no water in the pool," which all three of them agree sounds pretty desperate. John-Boy sees an opportunity.

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