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The Spy Who Loved Me
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Previously: Reagan decided the idea was to defend against Soviet nuclear aggression from spaaaaace. And so Star Wars, the Strategic Defense Initiative, was born. Our friends in Directorate S were on to him waaaaay before it became a national punch-line.

Currently, Elizabeth is undercover (glasses and a bun!) as a security agent for a place called VisioTech. They're independent contractors for Defense Department stuff, and she's at the house of one Adam Dorwin. "Frances" is here to perform a standard security review for all defense contractors working in the Ballistic Missile Defense Program. Adam looks to be in his 60s and is in complete DGAF mode. "Frances" even has to prompt him to give her security credentials a proper look. Inside for the interview, Elizabeth gingerly brings up topic of Adam's wife's passing after 35 years of marriage. Adam is clearly still grieving, but he's appreciative of Elizabeth's kind words. She asks the usual loyalty-oath questions, asks whether he thinks his colleagues in the DoD are trustworthy (his response of "trustworthy idiots" raises an eyebrow). The topic veers to, and lingers on, questions of whether he's had unusual sexual attention from women since his wife has died (if not before). The idea is that someone might have pulled the kind of honeypot scam on him that Elizabeth employed in the season premiere. He says no. She then asks whether he ever told his wife anything about the project. She's quite incredulous when he says she knew enough to never ask questions. She's all, "Never? Never-ever-never?" "That's right," Adam says, though tears.

Cut to Elizabeth meeting with Claudia in a car nearby. She reports that Homeboy is about to crack; he needs his handler, face to face, stat. Claudia says he's apparently left four signals for a meeting, but the Rezidentura is locked down and his handler can't get out. Seems the FBI surveillance teams are using new encryption technology that the KGB can't break, so there's no way to know when they're being followed anymore. They can't chance any in-person meetings. Elizabeth offers to talk to Adam in his handler's stead, but Claudia's resistant to the idea. It's how the CIA does it, where multiple handlers can deal with an agent; there's no real bond that way, no true loyalty. Elizabeth's like, "Okay, but if we're desperate?" Claudia tells a story about running an agent in Germany who had no other friends, so Claudia became his friend. When she eventually left Germany, the KGB had no further use for him. She nicely explained to him about how they were cutting him loose, and he thanked her for the chance to work together. He killed himself shortly thereafter. "We didn't need him anymore, but he needed us." She says they very much DO need "Udacha" (Adam's code name, apparently), as he's currently their only source inside the anti-ballistic missile program. So Elizabeth and Philip need to break those FBI encryption codes so the KGB can send the one man Udacha trusts to meet with him. Looks like we have a plot for the week!

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The Americans




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