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Your Revolution Is Beautiful

Lest you forget that Paige is a pain-in-the-butt snooping tween, back at her house, she pulls a post card from the fridge and grabs the phone. She calls the operator and asks for the area code for a city in Pennsylvania. She then asks for the number for a woman named Helen, which I believe is the name of the aunt that Elizabeth was supposedly taking care of while she was away recuperating from her gun shot. Oh Paige, can't you just be boy crazy and making shrines to Ricky Schroder like the rest of the teenage girls in the world? Paige's advanced placement snooping is interrupted by the unexpected return of Philip. Elizabeth is happy to see him, but confused, too. He sweetly explains that he heard her voice on the phone and wanted to come home and make sure she was okay.

Later that night, Stan is creepily sitting in his car staring at Bruce who is airing his dirty laundry where it belongs , namely, the Laundromat. Being an FBI agent seems to involve a lot of creeping, at least where Stan is concerned.

Philip fills Elizabeth in on his day and she lets it all soak in. Elizabeth tells Philip that she never worried about Paige and Henry being safe before. Now that she saw what happened to the Connors was overwhelming. She asks him, "How are we supposed to live like this?" He glumly assures her that they'll get used to it just like they've gotten used to everything else. Being a spy sure looks sucky.

That's all for now, comrades.

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The Americans




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