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Your Revolution Is Beautiful

At FBI HQ, the agents are working Nina's tip, trying to track down the man who walked into the Russian embassy. Their surveillance cameras picked up everyone who went in or out of the embassy and they printed out some glamour shots to try and figure out who may be willing to give information to the great Russian cause. The boss comes in to apply some pressure reminding them that the last time someone walked into the Russian embassy he gave them all the information they needed to make nukes to 'splode America.

Back in the alley, instead of handing over nuclear trigger designs, Elizabeth gives the drugged out frantic chick a candy bar and a giant pop. She tells the girl to eat and drink up, because sugar is the cure for drug use. The Russians have known it all along, but kept that Truth Bomb out of the American knowledge bank so we will implode in a sea of easily solved drug abuse. Elizabeth gives the girl some advice: Tell the aide that she saved his life and by not taking him to the hospital, she saved his job, too. Then she should work on being his girlfriend, not his party buddy. That's where the really good information comes from. She tells her she is going to be okay and then turns back to tell her, "Your revolution is beautiful. A foothold for us in South America. Call anytime." The girl smiles in appreciation of the fact that they are all in it together. That's the true spirit of Communism that is.

The FBI has found their man. Out of the four suspects they had on camera entering the embassy during the time frame specified by Nina, they were able to eliminate three leaving one man -- Bruce Dameran -- as the walk in. Bruce is a Purple Heart vet who just started working at the World Bank. The FBI is now *very* interested in whatever information he may be handing to the Russians. Meanwhile the Rezidentura is still trying to verify that Bruce is who he says he is and is asking the Kremlin to assign a code name and an operation name to the matter.

Now that Philip is free from Fred's captivity, he calls Elizabeth. However, she is distracted on the phone and barely notices when he says his other wife, Martha, has a fever. What's so distracting? That the utility crew has packed up and gone home leaving no trace behind at all. She's confused by the apparent lack of threat and seems to be reeling from the realization that maybe she is just being paranoid. She eventually snaps to attention and tells Philip to go to Martha's, but he hears something in her voice that gives him pause. He hangs up with Elizabeth and calls Martha. She is very sick but did manage to get herself on the list for any future openings in counter intelligence. He's happy that she is staying in the right department, but then breaks the news to her that his flight got cancelled. She's bummed, but understanding. She makes his heart skip a beat, though, by telling him that she overheard talk at the office about the murders. While Philip thinks she is going to tell him something useful about how the FBI caught the killers or realized that the victims were Soviet spies, instead she just tells him that she heard crime is at an all time high and that she wants to get a gun. He rolls his eyes and hangs up on her. Not literally, but more or less. This is why you can't find a real husband, Martha!

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The Americans




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