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Your Revolution Is Beautiful

Speaking of ASAP, Philip is struggling to make a connection with Fred as quickly as possible, because Fred is pointing a gun at his head and is going to finish him off as soon as he finds the nerve. Philip finally stumbles on a thin thread: the models he found in the closet were intended for Emmett's son, right? Fred doesn't really want to kill Philip (which explains all the sweating), so he relents. He admits that they were supposed to be presents for Emmett's kid and as soon as Emmett calls him back and confirms that Philip is his friend, Fred will happily untie him from his credenza. That's when Philip realizes that he has to break it the armed, sweaty man that Emmett is dead. He asks Fred if there's any chance that anyone found out about their relationship and Fred swears that it's a complete and total secret. Philip asks him a few more questions about his relationship with Emmett that gets Fred agitated again and with a gun once again trained on his head, Phillip tells him that Emmett was killed. Fred doesn't believe it, because he saw pictures of the hotel victims and Philip explains that Fred always saw him in costume, for his own protection. Philip builds his case and Fred believes him. He drops the gun and sits on the bed and cries for his lost friend.

On their way to the movies, Elizabeth swears. She forgot to finish ticketing a tour package and is going to have to drop the kids off at the movie while she goes to the office. Because she swore, the kids believe it.

Fred is no longer sweating and has untied Philip who is now consoling him. When Fred starts asking about the boy that was with Philip in Alexandria, he gets uncomfortable and goes to leave because the situation has been defused. Fred stops him in his tracks with one final question though: did he get the settings? Philip doesn't know what he's talking about because the operation has been on hold as they all recover from their loss. Fred looks agitated as he explains that the operation can't be on hold. It's very time sensitive. They only have once chance to get into a factory and get some numbers from a machine. If they fail the entire mission is for naught. Philip looks exhausted by the whole idea.

While her kids watch Harrison Ford play a dashing archaeologist rescuing artifacts from Nazis, Elizabeth is off on her own secret rescue mission. The message she received was an SOS from an agent in distress. She puts on a baseball cap as an ersatz costume and heads down a dark alley, where a girl with a gun is crying behind a dumpster. Elizabeth addresses her looking for a code phrase, but the girl is too freaked out to deliver the words in the right order. When she gets close enough, Elizabeth relents and goes to help her. The girl is stressed and sobbing and Elizabeth demands she hand over the gun. The girl happily hands it to her and explains the situation to Elizabeth: She's a Soviet asset posing as a grad student and dating a Congressional aide in order to pump him for information. She and the aide were out partying when they smoked just a little too much cocaine on top of all the other pills and alcohol and the aide passed out cold. She thinks he's dead, but she took too many drugs to know for sure. Elizabeth checks the guy's pulse, assures the girl that he is not dead and tells her to chill until she returns. The girl doesn't chill very well.

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The Americans




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