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Your Revolution Is Beautiful

Philip has traveled to the home of Emmett's contact. Along the way he has put on a long-haired wig and mustache and utilitarian jumpsuit. He follows the man from his house to a diner and beyond. He calls his wife (Elizabeth, not Martha) and goes to break into the man's house. He snoops around but doesn't find anything suspicious until, you know, he does. (Although frankly that crystal chess set was pretty shady taste-wise, if you ask me.) He doesn't find anything incriminating aside from a Playboy stash in a locked drawer, until he stumbles on a trap door on the floor of the den. (LOL: dens were so big in the '80s.) He peels back the rug, opens the trap door and reaches for the metal box hidden inside. Then he gets jolted with electricity and passes out cold. Damn bro, you got booby trapped!

Nina and Stan meet up at their love nest. She knows he killed Vlad and is determined to get information out of him that will bring him down. She tells him about the walk-in and he is very interested. Stan wants to run off and start working on the lead, but Nina lures him into bed instead.

Philip -- who, by the way, I always want to call Kevin because of that whole "recapping a million seasons of Brothers & Sisters" thing -- wakes up tied to a dresser, with a sweaty balding portly man yelling into his phone about "'really liking a steak dinner.'" Kevin Philip comes to and focuses on how to resolve the situation. He starts talking to Fred, who is Emmett's contact, and telling him that he's a friend, not a member of the FBI. He assures Fred that he's doing the right thing by calling in that emergency signal. Fred isn't listening, though. He's too busy sweating and panicking. Philip keeps talking while Fred throws money into a bag, grabs a gun and hyperventilates. Philip continues to talk him through the situation: He's not an enemy, he's a friend, he's here to help, Fred's not in trouble, in fact they met before when Philip stood in for Emmett at their brush pass (which is apparently a spy term of art) at the amusement park. Fred isn't buying it.

A phone call interrupts game night for Elizabeth and the kids. It's a coded message that sends Elizabeth running to the window to stare at the utility crew again. One of the workers stares back at her and that's enough to send her running to the newspaper to look at the movie listings. She abandons game night and ushers the kids out of the house ASAP to make the next showing of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Paige argues of course, but Henry is excited enough for both of them and Elizabeth shoves them into the car.

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The Americans




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