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Your Revolution Is Beautiful

Elizabeth goes to get some fresh air and makes the daily drop. When she returns to the office, Philip tells her that he got the wire message. The bosses want them to go check out Emmett's agent. Elizabeth is really not into the plan, because if Emmett's agent turned, he is extremely dangerous and probably the reason Emmett and his family were shot in the head. Plus, if the man turned then he knows not only Philip's face from the brush pass at the amusement park, but their son's face, too. Mama Bear is not happy. Philip is going to go check it out, while Elizabeth, of course, stays with the children.

Back to the Rezidentura, where the Russians have finally figured out that Stan -- or at least the FBI -- shot their friend Vlad in the head. Nina is not pleased and that perfect little bow mouth is tightly pursed as she mutters, "Those bastards." Her boss knows that she is the best bet to get answers so he pries into her relationship with Stan. She doesn't have much to give him, because Stan is too busy getting frisky and not busy enough with the top secret pillow talk. Their conversation is interrupted by some desk jockey who needs to report to the boss that they embassy has a walk-in. Much like walking into a high-end hair salon though, the embassy isn't exactly sure what to do with someone who just walks in off the street. They send him to the waiting room and give him coffee while they figure out whether or not they can squeeze in some highlights and a trim or should send him on his merry way. They take his name and his coffee order and send both to Russia for processing.

Back in the 'burbs, Philip is heading out on another business trip. He tells the kids that he's researching ways to stay competitive with these new-fangled all-inclusive resort packages and has to travel more. The kid is unimpressed, but shrugs it off because very few things in life are more boring than listening to your parents talk about their jobs. As Philip drives off, Elizabeth notices a mysterious utility truck pulling up. Clearly that truck must be stopped from its nefarious utility work. Elizabeth glares it down.

Meanwhile the walk-in traitor is not pleased with being shoved in a room with only coffee and bad lighting to keep him company. He took time off from work to try and squeeze in a trim… er, treason. The embassy staff is skeptical, though, and wants more information before they let him talk to an actual human being. After all, you can't exactly trust any old wannabe traitor who walks in off the street. Through an intercom they tell him that treason can't be held to a time frame, mister! The man is antsy, though, and wants to talk to a human being, and demands action. He wants to do something very important for the cause, but it has to fit into his work schedule and if he can't commit treason in the next 20 minutes he will just go back to being a patriotic American citizen. The embassy stalls for time because their chief of security is shopping with his wife.

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The Americans




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