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Your Revolution Is Beautiful

He gently talks her down and reminds her how smart she is and how lucky the department is to have her and how she should really try and find a job in counter intelligence because she's good enough, smart enough and gosh darnnit people like her. She agrees and gives her kinds sweet supportive husband a kiss. As she eats her healthy, hearty breakfast, she watches TV, and sees the news about the poor family murdered in their hotel room in Alexandria. Philip assures her it wasn't Charles Manson types and heads out the door for work.

Meanwhile, Philip's kids are watching the same news broadcast until Elizabeth tells them to turn it off. She does it for them and then goes to stand guard outside.

The workers at Russia's Rezidentura must have been watching the local news, too, because the camera cuts to Nina's boss who is reporting to Russia that they still have no leads on the family's killer and they want the motherland's input and information on the matter. He charges out of the room yelling for Nina, but they are waylaid by Oleg, the new recruit, who can't figure out what priorities are and why people have them and is frustrated that his project is being put at the bottom of the list. The boss man doesn't especially care about some kids plans and shuts the door in his face.

At the travel agency, Philip bustles in to talk to Elizabeth who admits that she doesn't know the latest from Russia because she got all tweaky and had to go stare at shady shade trees in suburbia in case they were going to kill her children. Philip is kind about it and tells her the intel on his end: Martha knows nothing about the murders and the FBI is definitely not on it or behind it. As they try and figure out their next move, the office door swings open and it's Stan, the friendly neighborhood FBI agent who is just popping in to say hi and to help them drum up some additional business. They smile broadly and go to meet his FBI agent friends who are looking for a deal on travel. You know, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are so good at looking dead-eyed and cold-faced and turning it into a sweet happy welcoming smile. It's always surprising and part of what makes this show work. Stan's friends want to book a bachelor weekend and Elizabeth hilariously suggests they all go to Montreal. The men all stare at her and Philip saves her after a beat and suggests a dude ranch that brews its own moonshine. Their cover is saved!

Back at KGB HQ, Oleg is pestering Nina. When she won't give him a satisfactory answer about what is happening behind closed doors, he settles into her office chair uninvited and explains his deep and abiding love of New Wave music. When she expresses no interest in him or his semi-inept flirting he congratulates her on being the first person he's met who isn't what she seems, which if you parse, is not exactly a nice thing to say to anyone. Nina suggests that perhaps he is wrong about everyone and continues working until he gets a clue and leaves, but not before hitting her with an epic Soviet line: "I'm a feminist. I only work for Mother Russia." She has no response to that, because how could she?

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The Americans




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