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Your Revolution Is Beautiful
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After the events of last week's episode -- the brutal murder of a sweet little Soviet spy family -- Philip and Elizabeth are feeling the heat. Well, Elizabeth certainly is. When we last saw her she was double checking the locks on the doors and windows and wishing she had some *ahem* iron curtains to protect her family from the big bad someone who killed a very similar spy family just last night. We return to the show to find Elizabeth dutifully transcribing a secret code broadcast to her from the depths of a fake-out radio that's sending out secrets from the motherland. She is distracted from her diligent transcription (too bad they haven't told the kids about their double lives, because she seriously needs an intern) when a not-at-all suspicious utility vehicle drives by. She studies the comings and goings in the neighborhood and decides they merit a closer look.

Opting to screw country and duty and go scope out the suburbs, she packs away her radio and heads outside to subtly investigate the front porch. She picks up the paper and looks around deeming everything from the kids laughing to the parents chatting completely and totally… uh, let me look up a synonym for suspicious. Ah, here: Dubious and shady. Everyone looks shady. The scene only needed a giant animatronic clown and it would have been just like that scene from Pee-wee's Big Adventure when his bike is stolen and he passes out into a line of bicycles while blowing an air horn. As Elizabeth doesn't have an air horn in her arsenal, she instead retreats inside to a safe world of pancake breakfasts and orange juice.

Meanwhile, Philip is making breakfast for his other wife who is definitely taking her marriage seriously as she rolls over to the breakfast table in curlers and a pink housedress, which a single lady would never do. It's true gentlemen: You put a ring on your fake wife's finger and it's all downhill from there. (Side note: whatever happened to housedresses? I would wear the heck out of a housedress.) Philip serves his beloved bride some eggs and notes that she looks like crap, which is not a commentary on the housedress, because that thing is rockin'. She admits she may be coming down with something. She also mentions that she saw an opening for a better job in a different department. Obviously that won't work for Philip, who needs her to stay in counter intelligence forever and ever, through sickness and health, until death do they part.

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The Americans




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