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Tonight's episode starts somewhere unexpected: A synagogue. A yarmulke-wearing and fake-goateed Phillip sits in the audience as a rabbi or cantor introduces a "renowned physicist" named Anton Baklanov, who is an inspiration to Jewish "refuseniks" still living in Russia. As the man comes out to address the congregation, let's take a moment to applaud the show's wig and makeup department who has managed to make Phillip unrecognizable to the point that I didn't even catch that it was him when I first watched the episode.

Phillip listens as the man tells the congregation that he has found a home in America and is happy to be visible in a country that allows Jews to be open in their faith and lives. He is, like, so over oppression and can't wait to play baseball with his son. Phillip looks on, nonplussed. Bet he will be way plussed when he finds out that Paige is hanging out at church with her new BFF! In a florescent-lit basement, Paige joins in a rousing round of the Satanic verses of "This Little Light of Mine". (You know, the ones where you sing about Satan trying to blow your little light out, not a version of the song written by Salman Rushdie, although that would be interesting.)

Back at the subversive suburban homestead, Phillip is preparing a coded message when Elizabeth joins him. He tells her that the physicist loves America too much to ever be recruited and she shrugs it off. Paige comes home, spouting lies to cover up the fact that she was at church, because apparently youth group didn't cover the whole WWJD thing yet. Her parents suggest she call next time she plans to stay out late and Paige looks relieved to have gotten away with going to church, which is kind of the saddest thing a teenager can get away with.

The next morning Phillip and Elizabeth make a drop via what looks like the very un-American act of littering. After they leave their message in a garbage heap, they cruise around the block, chit-chatting about how fun capitalism is, but they stop short when they see Margo Martindale making her highly anticipated (by me!) return to FX, walking slowly across the street in front of them. Elizabeth's jaw drops, but she stops for Claudia to get in the car. She tells them that despite what they might believe -- what with the whole almost getting them killed thing -- she is really happy to see that they are alive and well and spying for the Motherland. She feared the worst when she heard what happened to Emmett and Leanne, but didn't know what to do. (Apparently, she missed the Hints from Heloise column that explained that Edible Arrangements are the appropriate present in a sorry-your-fellow-spies-were-assassinated situation.)

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