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Penang it All
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Were back in the Seychelles, which Phil says is "a remote island chain a thousand miles off the coast of Africa. The animals and vegetation of his tropical paradise are so rare, it is the only country on Earth where nearly half of its land is protected as a national park." I suspect that totally enrages a lot of Americans, but for totally different reasons. This of course is accompanied by lots of gorgeous scenery, except it's going by at such a high speed you can't really take it in. Which I guess is what the Amazing Race is all about, really. Phil calls Cote d'Or on the island of Praslin "a fragrant haunt of old-world pirates." So it smells like fish? It's also the seventh Pit Stop. Phil gives a shout-out to Steve and Allie for winning their "positively uplifting" prize from 7Up at the end of the previous leg. Sitting at their beachside table, they clink their glasses, which I'm sorry to say aren't the old-school inverted "Uncola" glasses of days past. If it were me, I'd ask for one of those. Or Pepsi.

Now we see them leaving the Pit Stop mat at 7:22 PM, when it's already pitch-black outside. The clue is sending them to Penang, Malaysia, more than 5,700 miles away. The Snake Temple, built in 1850 and imaginatively named for the numerous snakes that apparently live there, will be their destination when they land. Of course, first they have to get on the ocean charter boat to the Seychelles Airport on Mahe, which leaves at -- wait for it -- 2:00 AM. Allie is worried about the weather in Malaysia, given that their wardrobe is rather limited due to the fact that they left their backpacks behind at the previous leg's Detour. The internet at the hotel tells Allie it's nice and hot in Malaysia (I could have told her that), so they won't have to scramble for clothes. Steve interviews, "It's not about how you look, it's about how you act and where you're going and all that." Then he tries to buy a shirt off the back of a hotel employee. The guy just laughs at them, but does provide them with a couple of plastic shopping bags to carry their meager possessions in. Steve likes the color. Man, you don't get more glass-half-full than that. You know, like in the old expression about how an optimist always sees the glass half full and the pessimist sees the glass half full of 7Up?

Dan and Jordan are leaving at 7:36, in second place. In an interview, Jordan says his dream is to win the Amazing Race. Dan talks about how excited he is for Jordan, and how much closer they're getting to fulfilling Jordan's dream, like Dan's a one-man Make-A-Wish Foundation. Is Dan going to also give Jordan his half of the million dollars? But the more immediate question they're facing now is how you kill six hours on Praslin after dark.

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