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Max & Katie thank their translator profusely and proceed to the front of the restaurant where plastic tables are set up with task judges and scales. "Now remember, I'm the better chef," Max tools while they offload their groceries. That doesn't seem like the sort of thing he'd let her forget. As the judges get to work weighing stuff, a checklist appears on the screen with the names and required amounts of each ingredient, all nine of them, not counting the two chickens. It turns out they've got the wrong amount of chili peppers (50 instead of 500 grams) and they're short 60 grams of the required 200 grams of basil. So they load their baskets back up and head back to the market. "This sucks," says Katie. Particularly since they already cut their translator loose.

Chuck & Wynona make it to the basket area and grab one set of empty baskets, leaving the chickens behind because Chuck says they don't need them. He goes on ahead, carrying both of their backpacks while Wynona shoulders the empty baskets -- crossways, like on the farm instead of front-to-back like the locals are doing on these crowded sidewalks -- and tries to keep up with him as he crosses busy streets and leads her further and further in what she is increasingly certain is the wrong direction. Chuck is ignoring her, much to her frustration, as she admits that while Chuck has the physically weakest partner, she can "think smart." What she doesn't seem to get is that she's on the race for the same reason that there are two baskets balanced on the pole she's carrying -- it doesn't work with only one. When they finally stop long enough to get directions to the market from a rickshaw driver, they end up getting a ride from him as well. Let's hope for their sake that the clue didn't specify traveling on foot, but let's not count on it, either.

Pam & Winnie's cab delivers them to the B-52 Memorial and next to it they spot an even more familiar landmark: a giant sign with touchscreens on it, with a huge legend at the top reading U-Turn... X2! Yes, it's a double U-Turn, which is the first we've heard about it not being the regular kind. Phil shows up to remind us that any two teams can force any other two teams to go back and complete the other half of the Detour. "In this case, any team that U-Turns another will remain anonymous." They just don't have a giant "Blind U-Turn X2" sign, I suppose. As per the plan -- and with zero agonizing over it -- Pam & Winnie decide to U-Turn Joey & Meghan. They use the touchscreen to select Team YouTube's photo, which expands to show both Joey and Meghan making sad-clown faces. Yeah, I don't think that's going to make anybody feel too bad. Still in first place, Pam & Winnie jog over to the nearby clue box and open a clue telling them to go to the next Pit Stop, which -- as we already know -- is the Vietnam National Museum of History. They're giddy as they head to their cab and Pam says that Joey & Meghan might be right on their tails, until Winnie gleefully interrupts that if they were, they sure as hell aren't any more.

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