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Pam & Winnie now head to the park area where the human players are walking around and start corralling the ones they need, leading them by the arms as their charges grin sheepishly. They guide their human pieces into place and ask the chess master to check their work. The camera zooms in on each human piece while a picture-in-picture shows what is supposed to be on each of their tunics and a check mark appears next to the first two with a triumphant "ding!" But the other two -- being the correct symbols, but the wrong color -- earn red Family Feud-style X'es instead. Pam & Winnie, who were already on their way out of here to the next thing, are totally flummoxed. In other words, their Chinese chess expertise has done them almost no good whatsoever.

Max & Katie's cab drops them off at a park near a pond, where they pick up their baskets and shopping lists, Katie assigning Max to carry the ones with the chickens in them. It's the kind of baskets that hang in pairs, joined by a long pole that goes over one shoulder with one in front and one in back. They walk to the marketplace and start working their way through the vendors, none of whom seem to speak English. Fortunately, a student with a backpack (or, given that she's wearing a yellow polo shirt, she might be a Balinese travel agent) happens along and is willing to translate for them as they work through the list and Max cracks lame jokes.

Pam and Winnie are thinking that their error is in the colors of the tunics themselves, not the color of the symbols thereon, but Pam realizes their mistake and they hurry to swap out the guys with the wrong color symbols, knowing exactly what they have to do now. I'm sure Winnie is also making a valuable contribution to this task, being taller and thus able to see over more of the crowd. Joey & Meghan and Bates & Anthony are closing in quickly, but Pam & Winnie get it right the second time and receive their clue from the chess master. Normally they'd be on their way to the Pit Stop by now, but there's still that pesky U-Turn to contend with. So instead, they're being sent to something called the B-52 Memorial. Wow, who knew the Vietnamese were so broken up over Ricky Wilson? Seriously though, Phil says this is the "site of the wreckage of a B-52 bomber shot down during the Vietnam War." And it's still there, marinating in a shallow, stagnant pond, barely recognizable as even part of an airplane and not looking like it's been touched in the decades since it hit the water and stopped burning. Winnie says she hopes it's the U-Turn and then the Pit Stop, which I think is a reasonable expectation. They're on their way out just as the derby moms are showing up.

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