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Chuck & Wynona hop haltingly through the bamboo dance, not holding hands because Chuck says not to. They make it upright to the end, as do Katie & Max, but both teams are sent back to try again. Watching the demo, Katie's the one who realizes they need to hold hands, but Chuck & Wynona make their second attempt free-handed. And some Amazing Telestrator has put a big red oval around the gap in their unjoined hands, in case you missed it. I hope they get a screengrab of that image and put it on the front of the invitations to their 25th wedding anniversary party.

Caroline and Jennifer, meanwhile, are falling victim to that perennial race bugaboo, the lost cabdriver, a fact they realize as he suddenly gets out of the taxi. Either that or he's just giving them the car. Or he's just heard via the international taxi grapevine about their tendency to break into song and he wants out of there before that happens.

Max & Katie successfully finish the bamboo dance, and Katie decides they should do "Make Your Meal," which can only mean the description of each task in the clue is woefully inadequate. Joey & Meghan complete the bamboo dance in third place and make the same choice. Chuck & Wynona? Sent around again, because even after watching not only the demonstrators but other teams showing them how it's done, they're not getting the message. That soon includes the hockey brothers and Anthony talks about how tight the race is making them. "Such soft hands," he adds, teasing Bates. They get their clue in fourth place, which is a nice jump from their previous ranking and decide to go with the Chinese chessboard.

Pam & Winnie get to the plaza outside the Temple of Literature (I don't know what that is, but I want one), and Pam sees the crowds of brightly-colored human chess pieces strolling around at a pretty decent pace. Pam explains the situation to Winnie and they go to the far end of the area to the equally brightly-dressed dudes at the game table. Some dude bangs a gong and a chick warbles a song while the two lead racers examine the board and explain the task to us again. After taking a look, they go out to the board area -- which, luckily, is currently empty -- grab four freestanding staves with blue tops, and put them in corresponding positions on the full-sized chess grid marked on the ground. So pho, so good.

Chuck & Wynona make yet another failed attempt at the bamboo dance, and it's not until they see Beth & Mona going through it (before deciding to do Make Your Move) that they realize what they've been doing wrong. And thus they finally complete the task successfully, after dropping from second to sixth as a result of their refusal to hold hands. How is reconnecting on the race working out for you guys? They're off to "Make a Meal." Caroline & Jennifer, who have fallen to last place off-screen thanks to their dizzy cabbie, finish up the bamboo dance and get into a cab to Make Your Move, just hoping now that someone in their alliance reaches the U-Turn first. Yeah, ladies... remember when I said nobody was scared of Bates & Anthony earlier? Even back then, they were less scared of you two.

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