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Pam & Winnie get out of their cab outside a large, gated park facility and head inside, looking around. After the third performance, Meghan runs and comes back with a correct poster almost right away, with Beth just behind her this time. The last couple of legs, the roller moms seem to be benefiting from this alliance more than Team YouTube. Anthony finishes in seventh and last place. And nobody had to make more than three tries, even. The challenge producers must not have gotten picky about the diacritical marks either.

Pam & Winnie eventually find the part of the park where the bamboo dance is going on, at an expansive paved plaza. The way it works is that long lines of people sit on the ground facing each other, each holding one end of a long bamboo pole in one hand. The dancers need to hop over the poles as the holders alternately close and spread their hands in rhythm, opening new gaps between the poles even as the previous ones close. It's like hopscotch, but more likely to permanently cripple you. As Pam & Winnie follow a pair of hand-holding locals down the line, Winnie interviews how the best part of the race is getting to have different cultural experiences in all the countries. "It kind of feels like the country gives us, like, a little hug," Pam agrees. Fortunately the bamboo dance does not hug them by the ankles and send them crashing to the pavement, so they get their next clue, which is for a Detour: "Make Your Move" or "Make a Meal."

Phil shows up at a courtyard filled with colorfully-costumed locals behind him and a couple of guys bent over a game board in front of him as he continues with the parallel structure, saying this is a choice between "a favorite Vietnamese game or a favorite Vietnamese food." For "Make Your Move," the teams will set up part of a Chinese chess game, using the human players who are hanging around in the park. They'll have to look at the game board, pick four of the chess pieces on it and place those pieces' human counterparts that have matching symbols on their costumes in the correct places on the life-sized board, along with giant staffs. And color counts. If they get it right, the chess master -- who is looking ready for a day at the races in her fancy dress and hat -- will hand them the next clue. Then we cut to Phil at a sidewalk café with a bowl of soup as he explains that for "Make a Meal," they'll have to make Vietnam's national dish, pho. If this task seems pho-miliar, it's probably because Maria & Tiffany had to make pho in a Speed Bump back in TAR15. But for once, this task is harder than Phil makes it sound. They'll have to start by picking up four baskets -- two empty, two containing live chickens -- at Sook Song Temple, then hit a busy open-air marketplace nearby to pick up all the other ingredients outlined on a provided shopping list, all in the correct amounts. Then they'll have to deliver them to the restaurant Phil's at, where workers at plastic tables will weigh all their ingredients for them to make sure they got the right amount. And then they have to make the pho-cking soup! Winnie says they're going with "Make Your Move," since they already know how to play Chinese chess. I think I would rather invent Chinese chess than get involved in that pho task.

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