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The teams are walking through the busy morning streets to the gallery, all of them apparently taking different routes. Caroline and Jennifer are the first team waiting on the steps at 7:30, ninety minutes before the place opens, with their backpacks leaned up against the doors like grade school kids waiting for the bus, if the bus were going to be inside the building. Pam & Winnie show up, and Caroline says they just have to beat the derby moms and Team YouTube to the U-Turn. She interviews that they don't want to U-Turn anyone, but they want to keep their friends safe. That means Pam & Winnie, Bates & Anthony, Max & Katie and Wynona & Chuck. All the other remaining teams not dumb enough to have allied with Jessica & John, in other words. Remember, we started this leg with eight teams, but we're already down to seven. And yes, I know this means my prediction of Bates & Anthony coming in eighth has already been proven wrong. Which is why I try not to make predictions and when I do, I try not to publish them on the Internet. When the other teams not previously allied with Team JJ show up, they all agree to take out Mona & Beth and Joey & Meghan should the opportunity arise. "They made their bed, now they're going to have to lie in it," Max says, clearly all torn up inside about it. When those two teams are the last to show up at the steps of the gallery, awkward silence descends and the targeted teams read the room pretty accurately. And thus they decide to get to the U-Turn first. I guess nobody is mentioning how Pam & Winnie and Chuck & Wynona were in the Tahiti-born Express Pass alliance with Jessica & John during the first leg? If they even remember.

We come back from ads at 8:59 and a moment later, the doors open and the teams, with Caroline & Jennifer in the lead, hurry inside to grab the totally unmissable clues. They're stacked in front of an impressionistic painting of three women in kimonos on an easel in the center of the spacious room. It's a Roadblock and Caroline reads, "Who's ready to take in the sights and sounds of the Social Republic of Vietnam?" Oh, that's right: Communism, yay! Phil narrates that someone from each team will have to watch a song-and-dance group perform an upbeat, patriotic number, complete with literal flag-waving. At the end of the performance, the dancers will display giant fabric flowers that have been painted with a famous Vietnamese phrase that translates to "Glory to our young generation." The racers will have to memorize the phrase -- in Vietnamese, mind you -- and then go into another room where hundreds of political flyers hang on display racks, in hopes of find a poster with a phrase that matches the one they just saw. And they'll have to do it in five minutes, before the next performance begins or else they'll have to try again. This Roadblock is being done by Jennifer, Meghan, Pam, Anthony, Beth, Katie and, of course, Chuck, because Wynona is "afraid to run." Oh, dear. If she's not going to this Roadblock, she's not going to do any of them.

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