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Pam & Winnie reach the travel agency as Dave & Connor are getting their seats booked on a flight that arrives in Hanoi at 6:00 PM. Soon Max & Katie join the two lead teams and Winnie asks Dave, "So you guys are doing another leg?" Connor explains to the others how Hanoi will be the end for them. "No gamesmanship BS?" asks Max, who is the leading producer of gamesmanship BS now that John is gone. Pam & Winnie happily interview about how Dave & Connor's absence will improve their chances exponentially. Yes, taking out a guy on crutches will do that. At the very least, "exponentially" is not the word I would have chosen there. "Incrementally" is embarrassing enough, as they seem to belatedly realize as they start joking about wheelchairs rolling past them. At the agency, Max goes on to make a pact with Pam & Winnie not to U-Turn each other, and Connor loudly announces that they're going to be U-Turning someone. The other teams are shocked, but Connor was just kidding. You know, the worst part about getting U-Turned by a team with crutches is that you couldn't even get mad at them for it.

Caroline & Jennifer, the country singers, are leaving the mat in fourth place at 7:20 AM, well after sunrise. They're highly apprehensive about the upcoming U-Turn. So is Team YouTube, Joey emoting cartoonish distress as he and Meghan take off at 9:06 AM. Joey is the first person to speculate that Jessica & John may already have been eliminated, which both of them seem to realize puts their alliance with them on rather shaky ground.

Mona & Beth are taking off at 9:12 AM, in sixth place. They also think Team JJ is out, which they realize makes them more vulnerable to the U-Turn. The hockey brothers, Bates & Anthony, leave the mat at 9:14 AM in seventh place. They're also worried about being targeted due to their previous success at tasks. News flash, guys: you're in seventh place. Nobody is scared of you right now. Chuck & Wynona are the eighth and last to leave the mat at 9:23 AM. Wynona narrates that the two of them have been together for 24 years, but have grown apart over the last year, working opposite shifts, so she's hoping they reconnect on the race. Chuck, on the other hand, is thinking strategy. "Let's hope they U-Turn a stronger team than us," Chuck says in the taxi. There are certainly plenty of available options.

The first three teams -- Dave & Connor, Pam & Winnie and Max & Katie -- have all taken off on the same flight to Hanoi by the time the country singers secure passage through Kuala Lumpur at a different travel agency. Caroline correctly predicts that the three teams ahead of them are on an earlier flight and the four teams behind them will all be with them on a second flight. Sure enough, Amazing Light Blue and Amazing Red Lines zip across the map to Hanoi via Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, respectively, with the Amazing Light Blue Line taking a big lead. Daytime B-roll of Hanoi shows bustling streets filled with scooters as well as people transporting bundles and baskets of wares. However, it's just past sunset by the time the first flight lands with the three lead teams on board. Max & Katie and Pam & Winnie get taxis into town, speculating about the other teams behind them. Dave & Connor are conspicuous in their absence from this sequence, which ends up in a nice part of town in front of doors showing that Gallery 42 is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. And it's 7:34 PM, so considering that Pam & Winnie were just talking about how they hope not to see another team his whole leg they consider this rather a bummer. They wander over to the Hotel Des Artistes, where they're apparently supposed to bed down on the carpeted stage of an empty cabaret room. Pam busts a foil emergency blanket out of her backpack, which prompts Max to launch into an impression of John. It's actually pretty accurate, capturing John's smug tone. This is apparently enough to win over Pam & Winnie, who suddenly decide they're friends with Team Newlywed after all and do an interview in which they laughingly recounting some of the catty trash-talking they've done regarding Max's tan and Katie's hair. Yes, they seem quite repentant about that now.

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