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Chuck & Wynona finish making their pho and get their clue sending them to the B-52 memorial. Where Joey & Meghan have already gotten their Pit Stop clue warning them that the last team to check in blah blah blah. They're gone by the time Chuck & Wynona show up and Wynona says, "Joey &Meghan U-turned us?" Which they did, but the sign doesn't tell them that; it just says Joey &Meghan were U-Turned first. "We gotta go do the chess," Wynona says resignedly. In the cab on the way there, Chuck says, "My feelings have been crushed. And we're probably gonna pay the price. It just sucks." One day I'd like to see a team happy to be U-Turned. Like, if they really wanted to do both Detours and had a hard time deciding. What? It could happen.

When Team YouTube shows up at the mat, Phil says he's sorry to tell them that they're at the back of the pack. "However, you are still in the race and you are team number six." They hug, and Joey marvels that they escaped a U-Turn. Well, and they also inflicted one -- not that it would have made a difference in their ranking if they hadn't. "No more Mr. and Mrs. Nice Guy, though," Meghan vows. She interviews that she's now a "huge ball of fiery righteousness," and revenge is coming. They make revenge-faces for Phil on the mat, which are more amusing than their mock-sad faces were, but no less contrary to the intended effect.

Chuck & Wynona are at work on the chess task, amid the usual perfunctory but dissolve-style editing of This Is All So Futile. They do get a hug from the chess master as she gives them their clue, and when they finally make it to the mat, Phil tells them that they're the last team to arrive. But he doesn't Philiminate them right away, which means they're probably fine. Instead, he asks Wynona if she's feeling pressure from Chuck to stay in the race. Wynona cops to being the weakest player on all the teams. Chuck says he loves her and is proud of her, and they're both fighting tears as Phil tells them that because Dave & Connor had to withdraw, Team Mullet is still in it, as team number seven. So Winnie's claim that there was another team behind everyone else kind of turned out to be true after all, in a way. Also, tonight's elimination took place awfully early in the episode, which makes almost everything that happened today seem kind of moot. More interestingly, Team Mullet is the last team to the mat for the second time in a row, and also for the second time in a row, they are suffering no consequences beyond a later start time for the next leg. Wynona, who had almost bent double at the news, straightens up to thank Phil, who seems surprised to hear her say it; "I feel like I've sent you to some terrible, torturous..." Wynona doesn't argue that, but says they still want to do it. Chuck promises to start fresh on the next leg and listen to Wynona more, which would be nice.

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