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Chuck & Wynona get to the weighing tables at the restaurant, and Chuck sets down his baskets. His two baskets. Joey & Meghan approach, amazed to see that another team is there. Chuck & Wynona turn out to be short some bean sprouts [and chickens!] and have to go back to the market, but Joey & Meghan's order turns out to be almost completely wrong, with incorrect amounts and crap they didn't even need. "This sucks so bad," Joey says as Meghan shoulders the baskets again. And here I thought the market workers were being so helpful, when clearly they just disliked Team YouTube on sight. Which, okay.

Coming back, Meghan VOs about their increasing desperation and how they're now battling for last place, which is overstating things rather a bit, given that they're currently working on the same Detour as a team that's still going to have to go back and do the other one. As they well know, having caused that to happen. As Team YouTube loads up again, Chuck notices their chickens and wonders aloud to Wynona what they're doing there. Wynona points out that they need to go back for the poultry. Flustered at his mistake, he tries to fix it by carrying the baskets and both their backpacks at the same time, but she's not interested in the gesture. "You haven't listened to me yet," she points out. He really should have a little more respect for the one thing Wynona brings to the race, i.e., talking.

Caroline & Jennifer are team number five and pretty happy about it. That leaves two teams still racing. On their return to the scales, Joey & Meghan get approval for their shopping goods and receive permission to start cooking. Chuck & Wynona are already back at the pond to collect the baskets containing the chickens, Chuck trying to hurry Wynona along. Joey & Meghan have apparently cooked quickly; a judge samples their pho and he seems very impressed. Pho must be a lot easier to make than I thought. Joey & Meghan's sixth-place ranking is now official, plus they're more than an entire Detour option ahead of Chuck & Wynona, so this seems pretty much over. Still, Team Mullet returns to the scales having correctly filled the order for bean sprouts and chickens. Chuck sits down at the entire cooking table to get to work, telling Wynona to hurry up rather than listening to her when she asks him to make some room for her. So clearly the listening thing is still a work in progress.

Joey & Meghan are having the one thing that could go wrong at this point go wrong, which is that their cabdriver doesn't seem to know where he's going. Instead of the B-52 memorial, he drops them at a place with the house number 52A, which is almost understandable but at the same time totally not, like those church signs you see on the Internet where you can get what they were trying to say instead. Team YouTube abandons this loser and hops into a different cab, Meghan claiming it's anyone's game now. Yeah... I think you guys are going to be okay.

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