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There's virtually smoke coming from the country singers' every cranial orifice, they're thinking so hard. Then they start over, apparently having figured out what to do, talking through it step by step until they get the clue from the judge in fifth place. "We made that a hundred times harder than we had to," Caroline says. And things are hard enough for these two already.

Max & Katie get to the U-Turn sign, see what's what, and open their Pit Stop clue in third place. On the way to the Museum, they run past Mona & Beth's cab (and the teams spot each other), and then Mona & Beth reach the U-Turn sign and the Pit Stop clue in fourth. They thought it was going to be them getting U-turned. Well, if Joey & Meghan had been just a little slower than the hockey brothers, it would have been.

Team Mullet has finally reached the correct market and they are busy shopping. "We need twelve limes and a husband that listens," Wynona says peevishly. But soon she's scampering off after Chuck -- who is now carrying the baskets -- as she says, "We have all our ingredients now." She thinks. Still no chickens, though. And probably not a husband that listens, either.

Joey & Meghan get to the basket pickup spot to collect the baskets, the shopping lists and, of course, the chickens, the sight of which turn Joey into a blithering idiot. When they get to the market and show their list to a stall worker, someone from inside yells out in subtitled Vietnamese, "These people are coming back again?" The worker on the sidewalk responds in kind, "They're different people but they're asking for the same thing." So basically the shop workers take over, filling up Team YouTube's baskets from the now-familiar (to them) list and remarking on the allegedly funny way Joey is carrying the chickens. When the groceries are all gathered, they point Joey & Meghan in the direction of the restaurant. That part of this task was almost too easy to be true.

Caroline & Jennifer get to the B-52 memorial in fifth place, flattering themselves that they're lucky not to have been U-Turned. They're soon in the cab to the Pit Stop, crediting their alliance for helping them out. Well, that and their total failure to be a threat to anyone.

Max & Katie are team number two, and they're barely done celebrating on the mat when Mona & Beth come running up and become team number three. This meeting of opposing alliances could get awkward, but if it does, we don't see it. Or maybe Phil just isn't in the mood to stir any shit up today. At some later point, they're cleared out from the mat and Bates & Anthony are team number four... much to their surprise. I guess they've known since the U-Turn that there was a minimum of two teams ahead of them.

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