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"He doesn't listen to anything," Wynona carps as she waits for Chuck, who is still inside getting directions. "Mr. Know-It-All." After confirming that their driver knows where to go, they get back in their rickshaw and take off. They still have no chickens, I feel the need to point out.

Pam & Winnie make it to the Pit Stop and are happy to finally be team number one, making them the winners of a ski trip to Whistler. Phil asks them if they're feeling super-confident and Winnie says you never want to feel that, because then you let your guard down. "You can ask John," she quips. Ha!

Joey & Meghan are the second team to arrive at the U-Turn sign and before the commercials, they provide us with a helpful side-by-side comparison of their mock-sad faces to their real sad faces. They're really not all that similar.

After the ads, they decide to U-Turn Chuck & Wynona, claiming to feel guilty about it but acting out of pure survival. Now they have to go back to do the pho task, and in the cab, Meghan has tears on her face as she rants about how everyone thinks they're all going to go to the end with Bates & Anthony, but the hockey brothers "will destroy them." So clearly Meghan is also a Big Brother fan.

Caroline and Jennifer are proving to have a fundamental misunderstanding of the chess task, to the point where they think they're actually playing a chess game, making their moves on the life-sized board against the players at the table. Which I'm sure the players would much prefer to sitting for hours staring at an unchanging board, even if the country singers don't know how to play Chinese chess either. But then I bet after the Detour was over they finished the rest of the game in under a minute. Meanwhile, the derby moms have figured out that they're supposed to be matching humans to the locations of pieces that are already in position on the board. Jennifer actually gets desperate enough to ask one of the human pieces to lead her where he's supposed to go, like that would ever work. And thus the derby moms complete the task in fourth place. Off they go to the memorial of the bomber plane, while the country singers continue to bomb.

Bates & Anthony are the third team to reach the U-Turn sign, but seeing it all full up, Bates is like, "Let's go," and they're officially in second place. "I can't believe we're not U-Turned," Anthony says in the cab. "Our pact comes through." That and another team's self-preservation.

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