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How Hanoi-ing

Bates & Anthony are picking their human chess pieces out of the crowd, and are soon leading four of them to the chess board. Caroline and Jennifer also have a group of four, Joey & Meghan are starting with a pair before going back to the other two and Beth leads her quartet in a mock march.

Max & Katie are back at the market for more basil and chili pepper. "That's a lot of chili pepper," Max observes of the half-kilogram of them sitting on the scale. He reassures himself as they return to the restaurant that they are now in control. And he seems to think that's a good thing.

Chuck is trying to get help from their rickshaw driver with his shopping list, asking him where he can get the stuff on it and gets only an "I don't know." Wynona's frustration with everyone's failure to understand that the clue says the market is near the temple is growing. Chuck and the driver head into a Western Union office (because if travel agencies still exist, why not Western Union?) to look for someone who can speak English, leaving Wynona waiting out there with her baskets and her opinion that "it's time to go do some chess." Not that Chuck would listen to her there either.

The hockey brothers have their chess-humans in place on the first try, so they leave the Detour in second place. Not bad at all, considering they left the Roadblock in last. Meanwhile, the country singers and the derby moms are still at the task, telling each other that they have no idea what they're doing, whether that's true or they're just feigning confusion for strategic reasons (spoiler: they're not). Joey & Meghan finish the Detour in third place and head for the B-52 memorial, Joey hoping --vainly, as we well know -- that they aren't U-Turned.

The results of Max & Katie's second shopping trip are approved, so now they get to go over to one of the cooking stations and watch a demonstration of pho-making while following along. Max interviews about how they eat pho back home all the time, but now he can go back and be a snob about how much better it is in the streets of Hanoi. Yes, he seems like the type. The judge seems surprised at how good their pho is, and they get their clue sending them to the B-52 memorial in fourth place. By the way, if they had to actually do anything with the chickens they carried over, it wasn't shown. But one wouldn't necessarily expect to see people slaughtering, plucking and butchering chickens on network television during the family hour anyway.

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