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"The lush island of Bali is known as the last paradise on Earth," Phil announces from the third or fourth paradise shown on this season of The Amazing Race alone. "Today, these cliffs on the edge of the southern peninsula are the start of the fifth leg in a race around the world." Dave and Connor, who won the previous leg, are starting off this one well before sunrise, at 5:01 AM. And yes, Dave is still on crutches, for the third leg in a row. He's also wearing a Livestrong T-shirt, which he might now be wishing is something that could have been corrected in post-production. The clue tells them they're going to Hanoi, Vietnam, which Phil's narration helpfully informs us is more than 2,000 miles away. He always says that as if they're traveling by stagecoach or something. After landing, they'll have to go to the center of town (which looks very busy, in the famous tradition of exotic metropoli) to Rap Cong Nhan Theater, locate Gallery 42 inside and find their next clue. Dave says they need to get to a travel agency as they hop into a taxi. In a pre-leg interview, he credits Connor's strength with getting them out of here in first place. Don't forget his sneakiness, Dave. He also adds that his orthopedic surgeon back home says he needs surgery within seven days, so Hanoi's going to be the end of the race for them no matter what. Well, thanks for defusing the suspense, Dave. They reach Abbey Travel Agency in Denpasar at 5:18 in the morning, and find it open and staffed with alert agents in sunny yellow polo shirts. They announce their need to get to Hanoi as fast as possible. How lucky for them that Balinese travel agencies are open 24 hours. And how lucky that travel agencies still, you know, exist.

Pam & Winnie start the leg in second place, at 5:21 AM, from a totally different spot from where the last one ended. That was on a wooden deck clinging to a cliff, but this looks more like a beach or marina resort. Winnie reads from the clue, "Caution, U-Turn ahead." Nice -- that's always good for some idiocy. In the taxi to the travel agency, Winnie interviews that their goal for this leg is to break up the three-way alliance of Jessica & John, Joey & Meghan and Beth & Mona, unaware that Jessica & John already did that in the prior leg. And it was spectacular.

Max & Katie begin at 5:25, and you know they're the kind of team to get all excited about the U-Turn even before Max says he's looking forward to going after Jessica & John. He says it would be like "smoking out the Express Pass," unaware that Jessica & John already did that as well in the prior leg. And it was also spectacular.

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