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So, let me get this straight. You tell another team that has already Yielded you that you want to be friends. That team tells you that friendly behavior is fine, as long as you understand that friendly behavior doesn't have anything to do with competing hard. You then threaten them with your Yield if they refuse to "be friends." What exactly is Mama Weaver trying to coerce here? He can't Yield her any more than he already has, so she's not trying to get him not to Yield her. Is this how you make people be your "friends"? She's already got the right to Yield the Paolos any time she wants, and I'd back her a hundred percent, but if she decides to use her Yield against the Paolos because she's angry at DJ, that's stupid, because when she hits the mat with her Yield available, good strategy will be Yielding whomever is in last place, and she won't know who that is -- or even whether she'll know who it is -- until she gets there. Furthermore, I am telling you...freeze-frame on her face after she says "sweets." It is pretty much the coldest, nastiest, most psycho-angry face I have ever seen on this show. Her level of gut-level viciousness is far beyond anything that anyone else this season has even conceived of, no matter how much teasing and bickering and talk there is. I feel enormously sorry for her over her loss, but that is one icy, creepy, very strange lady.

The Godlewskis get to the airport and line up the Taca flight through New York. So ultimately, the four teams other than the Linzes are all on the same flight to Phoenix through New York, and should land with a little edge on the Linzes. We watch as the Linzes wait it out in Atlanta and the other teams in New York, and then we follow as the Godlewskis get checked in at JFK on America West to Phoenix. Only to find...that their reservation has vanished. Their flight from JFK to Phoenix does not show their reservation, and America West says that the flight is totally full. They protest that they offered their credit card and everything back in Costa Rica, but the lady insists that they simply don't have seats on the flight. And I imagine that with six people, your odds of squeezing on are even lower than they are when you have a total of four (with crew). Despair strikes the pinks. I think Christine should cry. Maybe that will help.

Back from commercials, the pinks learn that New York has its advantages, including its three airports. As it happens, there is a flight out of Newark at 7:00, which is the same time the flight leaves from JFK, but they'll have to hustle to get there. They get a cab. And...the trip from JFK to Newark in a cab is not cheap. It's interesting that they could spare that kind of money so soon after they were mugged of their cash. Out at the departure gate at JFK, the other teams take note that the pinks have vanished, and they wonder what the women might be up to. When the pinks get to Newark, they're ticketed on the flight, and it indeed is scheduled to land in Phoenix at 9:20, the same time the other teams are scheduled to land. Both flights leave at 7:00 AM, with the JFK teams hoping the pinks haven't found something better but having no idea where they are. At 8:00, the Linzes leave Atlanta for Phoenix. Phil explains, with the assistance of the depressing domestic version of the Amazing Yellow Line, that the teams are all headed for Phoenix. He reminds us again that when they land, they'll choose a marked car and head for the go-kart school. It's a real hoot, incidentally, watching an entire season that's made up of things you might see the wacky sportscaster on your local news do as filler on nights when there are no games to cover.

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