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Meanwhile, the Gadzookskis get their cab to Grecia. Then, the Weavers get theirs.

The Linzes arrive in Grecia at the church and discover that there is a funeral in progress. Great timing, show. Too bad the clue couldn't be stuck to the coffin for that touch of class. The Paolos and Bransens are right there, so all three teams find the altar boy and get their clues. The clue they pull tells them that it is time for a Detour, where the choices are Brush or Barrel. In Brush, you take a taxi ten miles to an oxcart factory, where you finish hand-painting two cart wheels according to a repeating pattern that's already been started. In Barrel, you also go about ten miles, this time to a sugar-cane plantation where you load a tractor-trailer with a ton of harvested sugar cane. (No, seriously: a TON.) Then you take it six miles to a rum factory, where you hunt through the warehouse to find a marked barrel with a clue sticking out of it. That second option seems a little bit...cobbled together to me.

The Paolos take Barrel, while the Linzes and Bransens initially say Brush. But when the Linzes are in their cab, Nick argues that they should always do the strength option, so they decide to switch to Barrel.

The pinks are on their way to Grecia, where it comes up among them that this would be a nice place for a honeymoon. And: I agree. "But we're with the sisters," Michelle says dryly. I think she's the mean one, which is why I kind of instinctively like her. They discuss the poor prospects for romance in this particular set of circumstances. In the Weaver cab, they're cheering for Arnold, their cab driver, by name. I'm not sure he's really happy about the clapping and yelling, considering that he looks like he's about to throw open the door and push them out. So I fear that's not going anywhere romantic, either.

The Paolos and Linzes arrive at the plantation. Basically, the first part of this task involves picking up armfuls of stalks of sugar cane and loading it into the back of a truck. Elsewhere, the Bransens' driver seems to be a trifle confused, as they have circled back to the church. "Stupid driver," mutters one of the Tonyas. They gradually become convinced that the driver does not, in fact, know where she's going.

And: when we return from commercials, the Bransens' driver is stopping to ask directions from a couple of cops. So fortunately, she's not entirely stupid.

The Linzes are making good time with the sugar cane, it appears. The Paolos are having a little bit more trouble, though again, Papa seems to be leading the way on this strength task. I kind of think the reason he's so strong is that he envisions DJ every time he lifts something over his head and hurls it on the ground.

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