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Shirtless Nick is back to his team with the clue, which says to travel by taxi to Grecia and find the Iglesia de Metal. Of course, Alex says "metal" just like it's "metal" in the "speed metal" sense. And you have to admit, that kind of metal church would be worth visiting. It is, interestingly enough, a metal church in the other sense -- it's literally made of metal. Which, come to think of it, has got to be safer, with all the candles and whatnot. Phil explains that the metal church (which the Exposition Hands knock on to give you the full clang-clang effect) was brought to Costa Rica from Belgium. Presumably in a whole lot of small boxes, like IKEA furniture, because otherwise, I'm thinking a metal building is heavy. At the church, an altar boy will give them a clue. The Linzes set off in search of a phone that they can use to, presumably, get a taxi.

Tony continues being towed in by the rescuers, while Wally finally makes it to the buoy and gets his clue. Someone should tell the Tonyas that Wally may be slow, but at least he didn't need oxygen. Wally emerges from the water, and he and the Tonyas leave. As Tony emerges, DJ takes his backpack without being asked, which is fairly nice of him, but he manages to do it so snappishly that his mother has to tell him he could "be a little nicer," even as he's trying to know, nicer.

Nick is on the phone trying to get a taxi, and the Paolos and Bransens are fast approaching. All these teams clump up at the apparently temperamental pay phones and decide to cooperate in getting the taxi thing handled. Tony is put on the phone because of his Spanish, but manages to get somebody on the phone who speaks English, so he requests three taxis. The taxis arrive, and the teams pile in and leave.

8:32 AM. Godlewskis. Hey, remember? We have two more teams left to go. Tricia interviews that they admit that she and her sisters argue, and that "at least [they're] not in denial." Certainly sounds like that's directed at someone, though I don't know who it would logically be. At the beach, the pinks send Sharon in to do the swimming, noting that she'll get it done, although she'll bitch about it when it's over. Heh. Fortunately, Sharon has her pink bikini available, meaning she presumably put it on during the great Gadzookski Underpants Expo. Sharon gets the clue and swims back. In fourth place, they head out to look for a taxi.

About half an hour later, at 9:00 AM, the Weavers finally leave the mat, agreeing that Rolly will do the swimming. I'm trying to figure out what Rachel is good for. In an interview, Rebecca explains, "It's greater to be hated for who you are than loved for who you're not." It's kind of depressing that she can spit this out so easily, because it means that people must hate them back home, too, and that's sad. The whole "it's who I am," by the way, is my least favorite ubiquitous theory in all of reality television -- it's the "as long as I feel my jerkweed behavior from the bottom of my heart, it's okay" theory. Sincerity at some point replaced actual rightness and wrongness for an awful lot of people. "What would you have me do? LIE?" Anyway, Rolly runs into the water, saying he's swimming "on faith." I certainly hope he isn't forced to encounter the conflicts that sometimes emerge between faith and physics. A lot of witches died that way. Unsurprisingly, there is much praying for him while he swims. he comes back, one of his sisters calls him a "hottie," really nasty. I realize she isn't allowed to date regular boys, probably, but that is not an acceptable alternative, people. They read the clue and leave.

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