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The Weavers are still using their compass. I so completely don't care.

The Bransens are up on the top of the dam, and they get the clue and pick Bailing. Wally wonders whether the other is easier, but when he admits that he can't use a compass, the Tonyas are like, "Right. Bailing, then." Wally = useless ballast. Got it. What else have you got?

The pinks work hard to try to tip their boat, and they're right on the edge of having it done when the Weavers run right by, finishing up the compass Detour option and getting their clue from right by where the pinks are still struggling. Boo! The pinks finally get their boat empty and move it up on the shore. Both teams head for the pit stop. Meanwhile, Wally and the Tonyas head for the Bailing.

The Linzes, winging their way across the water on their boats, are excited about being first. Nick notes that if they make it to the car and can do the drive without mistakes, they'll come in first. As they return, they pass the approaching Bransens, and give an encouraging "Ahoy!" Everybody sort of gradually realizes, as these four teams all clump up on the river with the first three done and the Bransens just starting, that nobody knows where the Paolos are.

Where they are, of course, is back in their car heading for the dam.

The Linzes get in their car and head for Lake Powell, followed by the Weavers and Godlewskis. My favorite part is where Michelle says she's sure she saw the sign, and Sharon goes, "Oh, God." And Michelle yells back, "What do you mean, 'Oh, God'?" I loved that. So very family-argument. They're really the ones who are closest, in my opinion, to being able to argue like families do on trips in a way that appears not to be either uncomfortable or camera-influenced. They're the ones that make you think to yourself, "Yeah...I bet I sound like that sometimes." Because I'm pretty confident that my mother and I don't sound like DJ and Mama, but we might sound like Gadzookskis on certain days.

The Bransens find themselves a submerged boat and do a little bailing. Meanwhile, the Paolos get to the dam, passing the departing Linzes. Nick makes a note that the Paolos are just getting to the dam, so they're obviously substantially behind. The Weavers and pinks note the same thing. And the Paolos do, too. They know that three teams are way ahead of them; they just don't know where that last one is.

Driving ensues. The Weavers realize they don't know where they're going, so they pull over, letting the Linzes and Gadzookskis go on ahead. Mama gets someone to take them straight to Antelope Point. You can tell she's really good with people who don't have to spend any more than, say, thirty seconds with her.

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