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On their way into the Grand Canyon, Wally and the Tonyas also talk about stopping to appreciate the gorgeous view, although he regrets the "ten seconds [they're] going to be able to see it." The Paolos, meanwhile, are almost to the park, but they get themselves hung up in a large knot of traffic on 64 heading into the entrance. Wally and the Tonyas get the Page clue and leave. Wally notes that they need to put gas in the car, and one of the Tonyas crosses her fingers that they'll get a lead over, presumably, the Paolos. We then see DJ fetch the Lipan Point clue for his team. They head out, Mama being the one to throw the "Isn't this gorgeous?" bone to the wonders of natural erosion over a bazillion years, and then they leave.

Elsewhere, the Weavers are arriving at Glen Canyon Dam. (That was a quick 137 miles.) Behind them, the Linzes share a chuckle over the fact that the Weavers try to get ahead on the road, but will get their asses handed to them in any Detour. These two teams, along with the Gadzookskis, basically arrive together at the visitor center at the dam, so they run inside and pick tour guides to take them out to the dam. Rebecca, however, needs to hit the ladies' room first. (Evil! She's filled to overflowing with evil!) Thus, the pinks and the Linzes go out onto the dam first. Out there, they find the clue box and pull the Detour clue. The choices, Phil explains, are Bearing or Bailing. In Bearing, you follow a series of compass coordinates from box to box until you have three, and then you get your clue. In Bailing, you use buckets and a hand pump to bail out a submerged rowboat, which you have to empty out enough to carry it up on shore. When you've dragged it across a line in the sand, you get a clue. Both the Linzes and the pinks choose Bailing. As they walk back to the visitor center, the empty-bladdered Weavers are walking out onto the dam. It's hard to tell whether Mama thinks she's being funny or what when she holds her arm out like she's going to clothesline the Linzes, but she's not remotely earned that, so it's rather distasteful. One of the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters noted this week that Mama has a weird quality of being kind of like a teenage babysitter more than a mom, and it's a very good comparison, indeed. It's almost like she's trying to show off how funny and clever and hip and bad-ass she is, and while there's nothing wrong with your mom being funny, there is definitely something wrong with this. At any rate, they read the Detour and pick the Bearing option. They pass the pinks on the way out there, talking about what "idiots" the pinks are and so forth. They are certainly the most persecuted and victimized assholes I have ever seen, that's for sure.

The Linzes and Gadzookskis get in motorboats and head for the Bailing Detour. The pinks assure each other that they can lift the submerged boat if they have to. The Weavers get in their little motorboat to look for the marked box that starts the Bearing option. Megan, because she still doesn't suck, again takes the time in the Linz boat to look around at the giant canyon they're in and remark, "This is un…real." The Godlewskis are admiring the view as well. The Weavers are just looking for the box, because beauty is their enemy, and they find said box. I think it's safe to say that never has a team gotten so little out of this experience as the Weavers. In the Linz boat, Nick mentions that the Weavers are taking the compass, while, as he puts it, "the big dogs are going with the other." He pauses and then spreads his arms. "The more challenging Detour." Hee. I was even getting to like him back when he was Alex, so I guess it's okay.

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