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You will be shocked to learn that after the commercials, this turns out to be completely inconsequential. First of all, Lauren doesn't make her loop either, so Brian and his family don't fall behind the Bransens. Furthermore, he and Lauren complete the loop on the second try, so...big whoop. Unless you think shots of people strapped into airplane seats is exciting, you're not going to get a whole lot out of that sequence. I think I got more white-knuckled excitement from the Spongebob Squarepants ride at Camp Snoopy, which my nephews went on four times, as I recall. Brian and Lauren bring their clues back to their teams, and both teams head for the Grand Canyon. In fact, the teams both roll down their windows and share the news that neither of them has any idea where Lipan Point is. The Tonyas are intending to stop and call -- having, among other things, gotten screwed in the last leg for not stopping to figure out where they were going before they went. DJ rejects the idea of stopping with the Bransens or stopping to make a call. He wants to just get to the Canyon first. Now, the problem with that is that the Grand Canyon is big. Like, really big. Thus the use of the word "Grand." So if you approach from the wrong direction, you can potentially be in the really, really wrong place. I think DJ may be a little bit ankled by his lack of familiarity with the size of something like the Grand Canyon here, because just "drive to the Grand Canyon without knowing what part you're headed for" is not a good plan, and National Park veterans would tell you that. Mama P tries to make this point, but they shut her down. I think all the respect they'd gained for her up to this point evaporated when she put her underwear on outside her clothes.

The Bransens prepare to exit the highway so that they can find out a little something about the way to Lipan Point, and they're not sure if the Paolos will pull off at the same time or not. The Paolos -- fatefully, one might say -- do not. Meanwhile, the Gadzookskis are tooling along toward Lipan Point with Christine admiring the beautiful view and a sky full of hot air balloons. Speaking of hot air, just then, the Weavers approach from behind. As the cars pass each other, the Weaver girls have the window down. First they smile and wave. And then Rebecca takes some piece of trash from something she was eating and flings it at the pinks' car. Just like in Leviticus. Rebecca and Rachel laugh hysterically. The pinks note with some disbelief that the Weavers are actually throwing garbage out of the car. I think no matter how much squabbling there is on the race, it's rather an ugly surprise to actually see anyone throwing shit.

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