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Anyway, the GabbleGabbleGabbleskis are leaving again at 11:43 PM. Phil explains that the clue sends them to an airport in Mesa, Arizona, where they'll find Fighter Combat International, the location of the next clue. Sharon interviews, basically, that they're a strong team when they're cooperating rather than yelling at each other. Can't argue with her there. They leave for Mesa.

The Weavers go at 11:48 PM. In a moment so baffling that I almost expected it to be accompanied by floating animated question marks, Rebecca complains in an interview that other teams "don't like us because we're different from them." This from the people who laugh at you if you work on a garbage truck. Un-be-fucking-lievable. She then says that she's glad to be different from all these apparently rotten people. Hard to understand why anyone dislikes them, isn't it?

11:51 PM. Linzes, who are currently and quite surprisingly serving as my port in this storm. Which is highly weird, because they are still That Guy, That Guy's Brother, That Guy's Other Brother, and That Guy's Sister. At least they're having fun, as when someone says in his best aging-cowpoke voice, "Mesa, Arizona? I heard they got rattlesnakes over there." They babble about how much they don't like being behind, and they leave.

12:06 AM. Paolos. They tell us that the money for the leg is $73. Mama adds some talk about how all the pressure is on, and they're just trying to stay in the game.

12:14 AM. Bransens, departing with no money and headed to a casino to beg. Elsewhere, the Godlewskis are bickering over navigation issues, as usual. The Linzes become concerned that they're going the wrong direction, so they pull over and flag somebody down. This conversation gets the attention of a police officer, who comes over and informs them, "We don't stop in the road to talk to friends." In the great tradition of taking cops and making lemonade, they explain what they're doing and what airport they're looking for. Nick comments that they're "racing other cars to get there," and the cop helpfully comes back with directions. When he's gone, Alex laughs and mentions that perhaps "we're racing other cars" was not the cleverest possible thing they could have said to the police officers. Hee.

Paolos bicker.

The Bransens arrive at the casino, and the girls leave Wally behind as they go off to beg for money. Begging ensues, and it looks exactly like every other incident of begging in the entire history of the show, only less interesting, because it's a casino parking lot rather than another country. Wake me up when it's over.

The Weavers are the first to get to the airport in Mesa, which is closed, so they pull a number from the post. The Linzes follow and pull number two. Impressed with the Weavers' navigation, one of the Linz boys asks, "How did you guys know it was here?" "We're smart," one of the Weaver girls snaps back. There is a pause. "No," mutters Nick to himself. Well, really. The Godlewskis pull up next and grab number three. "I wish this was a Yield," Rachel snots, declining the turning of the other cheek in favor of the clinging to past grudges. I have to say, she's certainly going to get her Be A Spiteful Shrew badge the next time her God Scouts troop meets. ["Not so much the Correct Use Of The Subjunctive badge, though." -- Sars] The Paolos pull in and pluck number four. The Bransens are in last, and get number five. Not a surprise.

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