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The pinks shriek as they pull into the pit stop. The Weavers and Linzes are close behind. All three of these teams seem to arrive close together, and we watch them all running in search of the mat. First to show up in front of Phil are...the pinks. Nicely done, ladies. They are welcomed to Arizona in first place, and they are awarded a trip to Belize. They jump up and down in unison. This is what passes for excitement these days. Forget foot races between hated and loved teams! I want to see people parking at a ranch in Arizona, where the stakes are low and the signs are all in English.

The Weavers come in next. Booo! Rachel interviews all about their "togetherness," and blah blah yuck. Can I ignore them? I knew you'd understand. The Linzes finish third.

Paolos and Bransens are headed for the pit stop. In the car, Mama Paolo tells the boys that they should be throwing some clothes on in the event of a non-elimination. DJ refuses, insisting that he doesn't want to look stupid, which is pretty funny in light of how many times we've already seen his mother get the best of him. Meanwhile, Wally and the Tonyas, still not knowing where they're supposed to be, pull in to ask directions at a liquor store. We watch as the Paolos pull into the pit stop place, and they decide that they can see all the cars, so they must be in last place. As a result, they stop to leisurely put all their clothes on. I really did not need to see Mama and Papa putting their underwear on over their clothes. At least there are no thongs this time, though. While they're putting all this stuff on, however, they see Wally and the Tonyas pull in and realize that they are not in last place after all, so they take off running for the mat, complete with half-off underwear (not in the "50 percent discount" sense, but in the more troubling "half on, half off" sense) before they do wind up in last place. Whoops. They land in fourth. "Paolo family," Phil says, "you look ridiculous." They laugh. "Tony," Phil says, looking at Tony's tight briefs over his shorts, "I had no idea what kind of support you had on this race, and now it's very evident." Ew. EW. Are you trying to make this worse for me, Phil? What's happened to us?

As the Bransens approach the mat, DJ stops them. He and Papa tell them that they're in last place, so they need to go back and not step on the mat until they've put some extra clothes on in anticipation of a non-elimination. So that was a nice gesture. The Bransens suit up and then head in, and indeed they are last, and indeed they are not eliminated. Phil, as he must, mugs them for their money and their stuff. It's a good thing Beth managed to hang on to her baby-blue newsboy cap, because without that, I would have forgotten about her past in hip-hop.

Back from commercials, they show a set of what are essentially previouslies, but I refuse to acknowledge them, because give me a freaking break. We were all here 30 seconds ago, people.

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