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The pinks head for the pit stop. The Weavers do the same. In the Weaver car, there is much talk over how the Linzes were allegedly crowing because Tommy passed Mama. "Oh, you're going to write that one in the book," Rebecca bitches. "A 20-year-old guy passes a 46-year-old woman," Mama joins in sarcastically. And...I really think the excitement over Tommy's performance was pretty much specific to Tommy. It might be time to process the fact that lots of things that go on in the world just plain have nothing to do with you, you know? Anyway. As the Weavers pass a garbage truck, one of the girls chirps that maybe the Paolos are in there. "There's the dad right there," one of them observes "hilariously." So if you were hoping that they laughed because the garbage truck was jarring because they didn't know Tony was a garbage man, it's unfortunately not the case. They did indeed laugh because Tony is a garbage man, and now they're laughing again because he's a garbage man, because Jesus only hung out with bankers and lawyers and MY GOD don't these people read any of the actual Bible instead of just Chick tracts? "Arizona's finest," Rolly adds snidely, and I retire my "Free Rolly" button forever. Yes, that's someone's 14-year-old child ridiculing a grown man with a family for being beneath him based on his occupation. Doesn't anyone set any limits? Can I get Mama Weaver sent for a lecture from Judge Judy? She might be able to get through. ("You are ruining your children, madam!")

In the Linz car, there is lots of talk about how awesome Tommy's performance was. "You were just en fuego," Nick says. When did I start sort of liking them? That shit snuck up on me, I'll tell you that. Maybe it's all relative. At least they don't pray excessively, lament their slowness, wear underwear on the outside, or pity each other's future spouses.

Wally and the Tonyas? Still asking directions. That doesn't bode well. When they go into a hotel to get directions, Wally wants to stop and use the phone to find out exactly where they're going, while the Tonyas are anxious to just get moving. Back in the car, this turns into a bit of an argument, with Wally insisting that there was no need to be dragging him out of there when he was in the process of getting a phone to figure out what they should do. I think he's mostly right that when you have to get somewhere, if you take two minutes to get directions, the odds are fairly good that those directions will save you two minutes of looking, you know? The Tonyas kind of treat him like a lifeless sandbag they have to transport from place to place; they might be better off listening to him occasionally.

Back at the track, DJ finally finishes, so his team can leave for the pit stop.

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