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Over shots of the mountainous deserts of Salta, Phil informs us, "Salta is a mountainous, desert region of Argentina that provides the perfect climate for growing grapes and is home to the world's highest vineyards." Unfortunately, that means they have to pick the grapes from a helicopter and stomp them with a skycrane. Phil's outside last week's Pit Stop and empanada contest venue, the Patios de Cafayate, which is of course now the start of the second leg. We're reminded that Other Rachel (the Rachel who wasn't on Big Brother) and her husband Major Dave (the Dave who's not a clown) won the previous leg, and thus they are leaving in first place, at 2:46 AM. They'll need to drive themselves to the Cafayate Town Square, which looks lovely in daylight and wait for the "chasqui." Although the clue doesn't define that word, Phil says it's a mailman on horseback who will give them their next clue. Rachel talks about their first leg victory putting a target on their backs, but on the other hand they still have the Express Pass. And it's not like anyone in a position to see that target can do anything about it. It's the target on your front you need to worry about. They hurry to their car like anything's going to happen at their first destination before daylight.

Brendon and Rachel are the second team to start the leg, at 2:48 AM. Rachel tells us that TAR is "super different than Big Brother. You're constantly on the go and you have to be super fierce competitors." As opposed to that other game, where you spend 167 hours of every week doing nothing. "I have to say, I think Amazing Race is tougher." And then she laughs at nothing, which is only number ten on my list of Annoying Rachel Habits.

Art and JJ are leaving at 2:49 AM, but before they leave the grounds, they find out from an attendant that the "chasqui" mentioned in their clue is a courier. Brendon ends up following them, more to their contempt than their surprise. "He's a UCLA student, what do you expect?" Art asks. So I don't think UCLA will be rooting for Art and JJ.

At the town square, Other Rachel and Major Dave find a tourist info booth and learn that the chasqui won't be showing up until sunrise. Naturally. Dave says their lead will be lost, but at least he knows better than to be surprised about it.

Nary and Jamie open their clue in fourth place, at 3:21 AM. In a pre-leg interview, Jamie explains that they haven't told anyone their real jobs. The subtitle identifying them as federal agents gets crossed out and the words "School Teachers" appear next to them as she says they're claiming to be kindergarten teachers. We see them telling Brendon and Rachel this in a flashback to one of the airports. They don't want anyone to think they're a strong team then decide to U-Turn or backstab them. How will they think the teams will react when everyone is hanging out and exchanging workplace stories and these two accidentally slip up with a story about the time they arrested a six-year-old in a meth house?

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