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Michael and Kathy and Aaron and Arianne arrive at the Detour. Michael -- get this -- refuses to do the tandem bike, because it's "corny." "I ain't the corny type," he says. Gracious, the contestant pool certainly is getting shallow these days. It's a good thing he didn't have to walk with the tigers, get his ass beat at ping-pong by a twelve-year-old, or herd sheep. Furthermore, how can you be that much of a slave to your vanity and still have that beard? Kathy points out, rather obviously, that that's "a poor excuse not to do it."

Aaron and Arianne want to do the bike. I try to look on the bright side -- maybe they'll get tangled in the chain. "Good choice," Kathy sighs as they tell her their decision. Michael continues working the boat with his pole. "I should probably steer it all by myself if you just want to lay down." I can't decide if that's the lamest comment I ever heard, or the weakest joke I ever heard. Either way, he has grown tiresome in a short time.

Finally, Ken and Gerard have gotten the hang of the punting, and are winging down the side of the river. Okay, maybe not winging. But it's going a lot better than it was when they went into cement at a forty-five degree angle. The Hijinks Theme plays. "We're making good time," they observe. And then The Bassoon Of Misadventures begins, and Gerard falls off the back of the boat into the drink. Well, somebody had to, I guess, and at least he goes feet first -- for now. The appreciative crowd laughs and applauds. He climbs back up on the boat and takes a deep bow. "Oh, that made my day," Ken observes. Heh. Mine, too.

Aaron and Arianne set up on the bikes just as FloZach and Heave arrive. Both these teams decide to punt.

The punting is a little tough for Heave. Heather weakly apologizes as they almost hit another boat. Flo, predictably, is complaining miserably that the boat was the wrong choice. In short order, Zach suggests they ditch the boat and do the bike (quite probably so she'll shut the hell up), and she agrees.

Ken and Gerard continue their experiments with water displacement. Gerard manages to fall in again, this time leading with his head. Again, the onlookers laugh appreciatively. He comes up laughing, and climbs back into the boat. He rules.

Tense, angry music accompanies Aaron and Arianne on their bikes. Yeah, I feel your pain, Music Guys. That's how they make me feel, too.

"Get your fat ass up and work," Gerard tells Ken. "I'm tired." They pass in the boat as Ken heads for the pole and gives Gerard the paddle. As they pass, you can't help wishing Gerard would toss Kenny right over the side, because that would be funny. Of course, it's a race, so they don't really have time. Gloriously, though, he actually does it. SPLASH! Ken's in the water. Yay! A guy falling in the water is always a good idea, and three times in the same show? That's entertainment!

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