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Derek and Drew get to the clues first. The clue tells them to go and catch a Spoon-Fed Transportation™ Charter Bus to Aberdeen, Scotland. The buses will leave at 7:30 PM, 10:00 PM, and 1:30 AM. Once they get to Aberdeen, they'll be looking for a big field in the Highlands of Scotland. Plunking music of relaxation plays as the Twins realize they have a lot of time to kill, and they just need to sit tight and wait for the 7:30 bus. I guess the clue must not have indicated that space was limited, or I'd think you'd go and get your butt to the first bus and make sure you had seats before you lazed around eating lunch. They laze around eating lunch. I think this leg must have gone slightly awry from what was planned, because they usually don't make the show-dictated delays quite this enormous. For a team to have to sit around for seven hours before their first shot at transportation that was entirely planned by the show, as opposed to waiting seven hours due to a factor (like operating hours) that the show doesn't control, is pretty unusual. I think Derek and Drew surprised them by getting there that early -- remember, they landed in Heathrow almost four hours before the next team, which is a pretty sizeable gap.

The Wacky Hijinks Quasi-Harpsichord plays as Ken and Gerard approach the Detour. They decide to punt. Meanwhile, Derek and Drew settle themselves down on the ground to wait. Would you like to bet on whether they're currently obsessing over the HugeTinies? I think not.

In Cambridge, Aaron and Arianne and Michael and Kathy get cabs for Scudamore's. Once again, Aaron reminds us that "it's everyone against the Twins." You know, maybe he could get their faces tattooed on his behind, and then every time he sat down, it would assuage this thing he has about how desperately he doesn't want them to win. It would undoubtedly be a lot less tiresome to the people around him than it is when he mentions it every thirty seconds.

Meanwhile, the Twins have stretched out on what appear to be those shiny blankets Davey brought on TAR1, which also look amusingly like tanning devices in this context. They've de-shirted (it's not as exciting as you might think, especially since I have fresh memories of John Vito). This is also where Music Guy continues his quest to be the episode's hero, playing little "bunk-bunk-bunk" honking-bassoon music over the Twins as they calmly lie in the sun and Aaron and the Petty Posse plot against them. If you close your eyes, it could be a Merrie Melodies cartoon. And on that note (literally), it's about time we showed a little appreciation for Music Guy and his many Music Guy Friends, so give a warm hand to (according to the credits) John M. "Peachy" Keane, who appears to have written the actual theme music (sorry about all those lyrics, Peachy -- didn't mean to screw with your artistic vision); Lee "Colonel Steve" Sanders and Thomas "Re" Morse, who write "original music"; and Stu "The Enforcer" Goldberg and (once again) John M. "Peachy" Keane, who write "additional music." I wonder what "additional music" means, as opposed to "original music." I would normally assume it meant that The Enforcer and Peachy are gofers for Re and Colonel Steve, and put up with their unpredictable musician temperaments and the way they trash the office, but I just do not believe that the guy who wrote "[BOMP.]" gets coffee for anybody. Maybe it means Peachy and The Enforcer think that their stuff is a little derivative, and not all that "original." Anyway, whoever put the little cues in this sequence was completely on the ball, and added the cherry on top of this rock-and-roll episode, so my hat is off. Score! (THUNK.)

More wackiness with Ken and Gerard, who are having just a touch of difficulty getting the punting underway. They bump into a guy. They chuckle and apologize. A bunch of people sitting on a nearby bridge start watching them. They bonk into the cement wall.

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